Deadpool & Wolverine: Wrexham FC's Ollie Palmer spotted in Ryan Reynolds' new Marvel flick

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23 Apr 2024, 11:08

Credit: Getty/Marvel

Has Ryan Reynolds just confirmed that Wrexham's ace striker, Ollie Palmer, will be making a surprise cameo alongside Deadpool and Wolverine? Fans are buzzing with speculation!

Hold onto your hats, comic book aficionados and footie fanatics alike, because it seems like Wrexham's very own Ollie Palmer might just be stepping into the superhero spotlight!

Rumour has it that the sharpshooting striker, who has technically made a small screen debut in Welcome to Wrexham, has landed a cameo role in Ryan Reynolds' much-anticipated Marvel masterpiece, and fans are on the edge of their seats with excitement!

In the latest trailer for the upcoming Deadpool & Wolverine, slated to hit screens on July 26th, Reynolds' wise-cracking anti-hero joins forces with none other than the adamantium-clawed Wolverine, played by the ruggedly handsome Hugh Jackman.

But amidst the chaos and carnage of superhero showdowns, eagle-eyed viewers couldn't help but notice a familiar face lurking in the background—a certain tall, dark, and bearded figure reminiscent of Wrexham's goal-scoring extraordinaire.

As Deadpool and Wolverine share a moment of brooding introspection in a dimly lit bar, a shadowy figure with strikingly similar features to Palmer can be glimpsed in the backdrop.

Could it be mere coincidence, or has our very own football sensation found himself rubbing shoulders with Marvel's mightiest mutants?

Ryan Reynolds, never one to shy away from a good tease, posted the tantalising trailer on his Instagram with the cheeky caption "Found the guy who killed Bambi's mom" prompting a witty retort from Palmer himself: "If you squint..".

It seems the banter between Hollywood and the football pitch knows no bounds!

But then, as fans continued to skulk through every frame of the trailer Reynolds then seemingly confirmed everyone's suspicions with a response comment , complimenting a fans 20-20 vision with: "keen eyesight"

This isn't the first time Reynolds has waved the Wrexham flag high and proud. Alongside his business partner Rob McElhenney, the dynamic duo took over the reins of Wrexham AFC back in 2021 for £2m, propelling the club to new heights with their infectious enthusiasm and unwavering support.

From rocking the club's navy baseball cap on and off-screen to sneaking in subtle nods to the Red Dragons in his blockbuster hits, Reynolds has become an honorary member of the Wrexham family.

Both Reynolds and McElhenney also featured in hidden commentary lines in FIFA23.

But now, with Ollie Palmer potentially making his silver screen debut alongside Deadpool and Wolverine, it's safe to say that Wrexham's star is shining brighter than ever before.

So mark your calendars, folks, because this summer, the magic of Marvel and the might of Wrexham collide in what promises to be an epic cinematic adventure!

Deadpool 3 arrives in UK cinemas on July 25, 2024, before hopping over the pond to US theaters on July 26, 2024.