Winston Duke calls for Oscars recognition of stunt people - 'They risk life and limb'

Virgin Radio

23 Apr 2024, 10:58

Winston Duke smiling at a red carpet event

Credit: Getty

The Fall Guy star Winston Duke has added his voice to wider calls for stunt people to receive awards recognition at the Oscars.

In The Fall Guy, Duke plays Dan Tucker, a stunt coordinator and the best friend of the story’s lead character, ageing stuntman Colt Seavers (Ryan Gosling). Emily Blunt, Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Hannah Waddingham all also star in the fun action-comedy film.

Speaking at the UK special screening of The Fall Guy in London yesterday night (22nd April), Duke shared how he believes there “absolutely” ought to be Oscars for best stunt performers. 

“I think it’s really [great] to finally have a vehicle to champion the discussion around their inclusion and them being properly represented at the Oscars,” the Black Panther actor said, in reference to The Fall Guy.

“Every other creative and generative department gets recognised,” Duke continued. Stunt teams “make the same sacrifices that everyone makes” plus “they sacrifice their body, they sacrifice their health, they sacrifice their lives,” he stressed.

“They have to show up just like everyone else, they have to plan just like everyone else, and they have to be creative and interpretive like everyone else, but they also risk life and limb,” Duke said, bringing attention to the irony of how stunt performers are the creatives missing from awards season. “They need [an award],” he concluded.

Celebrating his role in the film, Duke opened up about how much he enjoyed getting involved in the movie’s stunts. “We did so many cool things,” he gushed. “And there was so much training that went into it and building a lot of these stunts. So it was incredible.”

The actor added how the team of actors on the film naturally “developed a really close relationship" with the film’s stunt department due to the topic of their action-packed romp.

The Fall Guy will be released in cinemas on Thursday, 2nd May.