Sam Fender lives out ‘full circle moment’ with AC/DC’s Brian Johnson and Mark Knopfler on Music Legends

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2 May 2024, 14:05

Sam Fender, Brian Johnson, Mark Knopfler on Music Legends

Credit: Sky Arts

Sam Fender couldn’t help but gush over his musical icons Brian Johnson and Mark Knopfler during the latest episode of their Musical Legends series. 

The Sky Arts series sees Dire Straits frontman Knopfler and AC/DC singer Johnson in conversation with some of music’s most iconic artists, from Sir Tom Jones to Nile Rodgers, and this week, it was Sam’s turn to talk about his journey to superstardom. 

In an exclusive clip shared to, Sam gets the chance to tell idol Brian how his epic 1992 Live at Donington performance became the inspiration for his entire career. 

Sam shares: “I got my full circle moment when you joined me on stage. I met a kid when I was eight…and his dad gave us the Live at Donington AC/DC DVD.”

WARNING - This video contains strong language

Reliving Brian’s most powerful moments on stage belting out Back in Black, Sam adds: “That was the first live gig DVD I used to watch as a kid and think ‘I want to f****** do that.” 

Mark soon chimes in to jokingly blame Brian for being such a pivotal force in Sam’s life, to which the young Geordie singer replies: “You ought to be ashamed…this is all your fault.”

Seemingly taken aback by Sam’s confession, the Thunderstruck hitmaker admits that he’s “taking that” ultimate compliment.

Brian and Sam have shared the stage before, with the legendary rocker coming out on stage for Sam’s incredible St James’ Park performance in 2023. 

“When we were on stage the other night, I was live at Donington in my head,” Sam gushes. 

Elsewhere in the Music Legends episode, Sam also divulges details about his upcoming third album. 

He admitted: "We have been recording and recording and making loads of stuff but it got to the point where I thought: ‘We don’t need to get this out yet. We need to get it right’.

“For the second one we rushed to get that out and the third one we started rushing and I thought: ‘No, we have got to take the time.’”

Sam confessed he would rather his next record be “late and great than early and s**te” but he’s already “over the moon” with what is currently recorded. 

Johnson and Knopfler’s Music Legends is on Sky Arts, Freeview and NOW Thursday nights at 10pm.