‘You’ve got to have a vice in life’ - James Martin’s breakfast choice surprises Mark Wogan

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2 May 2024, 14:21

James Martin and Mark Wogan on the Spooning podcast

Credit: YouTube @VirginRadioUK

In the new episode of the Spooning with Mark Wogan podcast, TV chef James Martin sits down with the owner of Homeslice Pizza and son of the late Terry Wogan.

The duo chat about all manner of subjects, including his live shows, the hobby he took on while recovering from his cancer diagnosis, his childhood and more. 

They also speak about what is written about James in the press, with the TV star saying: “I don't care what anybody writes about me, it doesn't bother me. It bothers other people. So I get more upset that my mother got doorstepped the other week, and she's in her late 70s. And that's unacceptable. When they're outside her house. And it's unacceptable they're outside my father's house, and he's 86. That's unacceptable.”

On a lighter note, Mark questions whether the press are incorrect when they write that James’ breakfast of choice is a Red Bull and a Twix. “Now, that’s bang on,” James admits. “I like the F1 team and you’ve got to pay for Verstappen somewhere down the line. I feel like I'm doing my part!” 

Speaking about how you might not expect such a talented chef to enjoy such a breakfast, James tells Mark: “I know it's really bad.” He adds: “I don't really drink that much, two units a month. I don't really smoke. A cigar once a month, if that. You’ve got to have a vice in life. I used to be Mars Bars and then they changed the chocolate, so I’ve gone back to Twix.”

Mark then brings out a slightly more substantial breakfast as the telly chef's “primary choice”, namely a bacon butty on white bread. “This is done properly,” James enthuses.

“You can’t have sourdough with it… This is how it should be; white sliced bread, buttered. My granny used to make the best bacon sarnies ever, and she used to butter the bread so much the butter used to go to the other side of the bread.”

Watch the full conversation here:

Later, Mark brings out what James used to have for his school packed lunches. The podcast host says: “We have white bread, the inside of which is caked in butter, properly. And then we've got mashed up banana and a crushed up Cadbury's flake.”

James jokes: “Looking at this diet, it's just a wonder why I'm still alive.”

Talking about school, James admits: “I hated it. I failed all my exams at school. I didn't enjoy it. I loved the cooking side of it, but I couldn't do it academically because, hand in hand, you had to pass these things called exams. 

“I left school with no qualifications.”

He continues: “I just longed to be cooking. And so, hand in hand with being at school, I was working every weekend, I was working all night. In the summer holiday where everybody would just chill out, I used to go to France and I was working in two star Michelin and chateaus and places like that. All I ever wanted to be was to be a chef from the age of eight years old. So I just needed that spark.”

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