Harry Potter star reveals hating iconic character line: ‘My head would explode’

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4 May 2024, 15:09

Credit: Warner Bros.

A fan favourite Harry Potter actor recently opened up about their 'detest' for one of their character's most famous lines and their new turn to comedy.

In a recent conversation with Metro.co.uk, a familiar face from the wizarding world, Matthew Lewis, who played young outcast to heroic figure Neville Longbottom, peeled back the curtain on one of his most famous character's lines from the Harry Potter series, admitting his disdain for it.

But that's not all he revealed – from his Potter past to his current comedic role in Avoidance, Matthew shared insights, laughs, and even a little existential dread.

Neville Longbottom, the beloved character portrayed by Matthew Lewis, captured hearts with his courageous journey throughout the Harry Potter film series.

Although it would seem that when it comes to watching his performances back, Lewis loses that courage his character developed and bring himself to look, as he is 'very hyper critical'.

In fact there's one line in particular that Matthew can't quite come to terms with – "Oh my god, I’ve killed Harry Potter!" from The Goblet of Fire.

Despite its popularity among fans, Matthew confessed: "I detest" it. "I never believed that line when I said it, and every time I said it, it sounded ugly and I hated it."

Having since developed his natural acting ability even further since his evolvement in the franchise came to a close, Matthew said that it was the supposed lack of 'commitment' to the line at the time that irks him the most.

As Matthew continued, he said: "I really hate that line. I don’t hate it because of its writing. I mean, it’s funny. I thought my delivery was… I just didn’t commit to it."

He then outlined his acting insights, which helped to explain his feelings further, saying: "It’s really quite simple. It’s about “Do you believe it when you say it?” because no one else is going to believe it if you don’t,

"I never believed that line when I said it, and every time I said it, it sounded ugly and I hated it. I’m absolutely astonished that people resonate with it for some reason, they all find it funny. If I ever heard it, I think my head would explode. I haven’t seen the films since they came out and stuff like that is why."

Regarding the news of a TV reboot of Harry Potter, Matthew shared his perspective on potentially returning to the wizarding world.

"You never say never in this industry. It was a significant part of my life, and many opportunities I have today stem from that experience," he explained. "However, it feels like a chapter that I've closed. I was content to finish after 10 years, and I believe my character's journey reached a satisfying conclusion. I got the closure I needed."

"After a decade in the Potter universe, I was eager to explore new avenues," Matthew continued. "While I'm not actively seeking a return, I wouldn't dismiss the idea if it came my way in the TV reboot. It's all about seizing the right opportunities when they arise."

While Neville Longbottom brought him into the spotlight, Matthew has since expanded his repertoire, dipping his toes into various projects, including Avoidance with Romesh Ranganathan.

When asked about his comedy role in the series, he admitted that comedy isn't his natural inclination but found the experience rewarding.

"My only worry is that we had so much fun, like you got to come into work and make each other laugh for like eight, 10 hours a day," he said. "I hope that people will find it as funny as we did."

Reflecting on his journey from the hallowed halls of Hogwarts to the absurdities of Avoidance, Matthew emphasised that while he doesn't actively seek out comedy roles, he finds himself continually drawn to them.

He said: "It’s not something that I’d be against carrying on with, with the right people as well. It’s so crucial. It’s so important, when you do find the right people and it clicks."

Despite the challenges and occasional dread that come with showbiz, Matthew remains grateful for the opportunities and experiences his career has afforded him.

"Inexplicably I’m still in it. I’m still surviving," he remarked, acknowledging the unpredictable nature of the industry. "I just hope that people at home enjoy it as much as we did because we had a really good time."

As Matthew Lewis continues to navigate the whimsical world of entertainment, fans eagerly await his next adventures, whether in wizarding realms or comedic escapades.

Avoidance is available to watch on BBC iPlayer.