BBC star addresses James Bond rumours at BAFTAs

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13 May 2024, 12:47

L to R: Daniel Craig as James Bond

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Years of speculation have led this star to set the record straight on the TV BAFTAs red carpet.

You know the name. You’ve seen the smouldering gaze. And if you haven’t, where on Earth have you been?

Yes, we’re talking about none other than Aidan Turner, the dashing heartthrob who had the whole nation swooning as Ross Poldark in the hit BBC series Poldark.

But amidst the breathtaking landscapes of Cornwall, there's been a whisper on the wind—a rumour that Mr. Turner might just be the next James Bond.

So, what’s the verdict? Let’s peel back the layers of intrigue and find out!

Chatting to on the TV Baftas red carpet, Aidan Turner addressed the swirling speculation with the suavity of a true secret agent.

Reflecting on his time as the smoldering Ross Poldark, Aidan hinted that he’s likely hung up his tricorn hat for good.

Citing that: "We’re all doing different things. But you can never say never to anything, especially when people get on and there’s more story to tell. But let’s say probably not,'.

But when the conversation turned to 007, the man of mystery didn’t rule out the possibility entirely.

Addressing the 007 rumours, Aidan said: "There’s a lot of actors [rumoured to be the next James Bond], 20 or 30 actors. Years ago I heard a bit about it, I haven’t heard a lot about it over the last couple of years."

But if asked, would Aidan consider the offer?

Aidan Turner

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"Probably not," he teased, leaving us shaken, not stirred, by the enigmatic allure of his response.

While Aidan may be playing coy, the rumour mill has been working overtime, churning out whispers of a new British agent poised to take on the iconic role.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s name has been flying around faster than a speeding bullet, with reports suggesting he’s the one to fill Bond’s impeccably polished shoes.

But before you break out the martini shaker, a production insider poured cold water on the speculation, stating there's 'no truth' to the rumours.

Looks like we’ll have to keep our Aston Martins parked for now.

But Aaron isn’t the only contender in the race for the coveted role of James Bond.

With the likes of Idris Elba and James Norton also in the mix, the casting carousel is spinning faster than a roulette wheel at Casino Royale.

And let’s not forget about the dark horse contenders, like Damson Idris and Rege-Jean Page, who could sweep in and steal the show.

Yet, amid the whirlwind of speculation, one thing’s for certain: Aidan Turner isn’t letting the Bond buzz distract him from his next big project.

Teaming up with the legendary David Tennant, Aidan is set to sizzle on screen in Rivals, a thrilling drama based on Jilly Cooper’s beloved novel.

From the Cornish coast to the glittering streets of London, Aidan Turner is proving that whether he’s clad in period garb or a sharp suit, he’s always ready for action.