The Gathering actress Eva Morgan details 'amazing' parkour stunt work for Channel 4 drama

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14 May 2024, 14:19

Eva Morgan in The Gathering (Channel 4)

Credit: Channel 4

The newcomer star of Channel 4 drama The Gathering did much more than improve her acting abilities, but also got very stuck into the gymnastics side too. 

Eva Morgan stars as Kelly, a teen who finds herself in the middle of a terrifying incident, which incriminates not just herself and her friends, but also their parents

Kelly’s world revolves around gymnastics, but outside of the prim and proper world of her classes and competitions, the youngster is also swept up into the underground scene of parkour

That character element meant that actress Eva had to train up in order to get Kelly right, and she explained to and other press how she managed to get not only the role down, but also some terrifying gravity-defying stunts too. 

She explained: “We did in a few weeks training in a parkour gymnastics gym in Liverpool called Airborne Academy. I gained a lot of respect for both the sports and these artistries, because it’s a lot harder than it looks!”

It took a team of two different gymnastics experts to train Eva up, and the young actress described their training as “so effortless” 

“I was quite eager to make it look realistic and do as much as I can, probably a bit too much,” she confessed. “I was asked to do certain things that maybe I shouldn't, but it was all safe. I didn't have a lot of fear with it, which could be a positive or negative thing. I kind of just threw myself into things in the parkour gym. They all knew it was all safe and everything.”

The Gathering often deals with some sensitive topics around social media and toxic parenting, and it was the story that really drew Eva in. 

“It was exciting,” she continued. “Ultimately, it felt really real and authentic. I find it special reading something set in Merseyside and reading it in the Scouse dialect as well was brilliant."

The Liverpudlian actress added that she felt “at ease” using her own accent, which she was “passionate about”, but it was the intense story crossing over class and age boundaries that she found the most interesting. 

“Even before I got cast, I remember thinking, who does it to Kelly?,” she explained. “To me, that's a good sign if I'm intrigued like that.”

While equally bowled over by the story, Eva also jumped at the chance to make her TV debut with a cast including the likes of Boiling Point star Vinette Robinson and Luther actor Warren Brown. 

Describing the filming experience as a “blessing”, the young actress shared: “The whole process was a learning process for me, and it was very exciting. It was special to film in Liverpool as well, most definitely.”

The Gathering will air tonight on Channel 4 at 9pm, with the full box-set of six episodes available to stream on Channel 4 from midnight.