I Kissed A Girl stars reveal special moment cast shared 'cheeky drinks' with Dannii Minogue after the show

Virgin Radio

19 May 2024, 08:30

Dannii Minogue and the contestants of I Kissed A Girl

Credit: Getty/BBC

I Kissed A Girl stars have opened up about working with host Dannii Minogue and getting to know her off camera. 

Contestants Lailah and Beth are the latest additions to the BBC Three dating show for queer women and have shared how ‘genuine’ their host was throughout the whole process. 

Speaking exclusively to virginradio.co.uk, 25-year-old Paralegal Beth revealed they had gotten the chance to chat with Dannii when the cameras were not rolling. 



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She said: “After we all departed from the Masseria, we did get to have some cheeky drinks with her, which was nice. It was not filmed. It was just us and her.

“So we properly got to chat with her. And, you know, it was really nice to be able to speak to her freely. She's just so lovely and easy to get on with, and you can tell she really cares.”

Footballer and student Lailah added: “The fact that, like, it's off camera, and she doesn't need to do that or have to do that with any of us. But she does. She wants to show that she is genuine.

“I think those were probably the moments that a lot of us felt the closest with Dannii, because like she genuinely wants to know how you felt, how the experience was, what it meant to you. And like I said, it's all off-camera. So she just did that because she wanted to, which was really nice.”

This comes after Dannii shared that she now identifies as queer ahead of the launch of I Kissed A Girl. 

For Beth and Lailah, I Kissed A Girl is more than a dating show and is really important for young queer women who are still coming to terms with their sexuality. 

Lailah added: “Some people have genuinely felt like the show has changed their outlook on themselves and their sexuality. Some people even felt the confidence to come out to their friends, their family. Things like that are actually the reason that we wanted to do it.

“When we were younger, we didn't have that and the amount of us as well, that came out quite late in our lives, and didn't even feel comfortable confident enough to do so. It shows that this show has already changed that for so many people.”

Beth also said: “I think representation is obviously so important… I think one of the things that's great about this show is that it covers a whole range of topics. It goes into not just life as a queer woman but also subcategories within that and difficulties people face in terms of family life, gender presentation, race, religion, everything like that.”

I Kissed A Girl is available to watch on BBC Three and BBC iPlayer, with new episodes airing on TV Sunday and Monday evenings at 9pm.