Doctor Who fans are all saying the same thing after Dot and Bubble's 'harrowing' ending

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3 Jun 2024, 13:26

Callie Cooke as Lindy in Doctor Who episode Dot and Bubble

Credit: BBC

Doctor Who fans have been reacting fervently online after the show aired another shocking and emotional episode on Saturday (1st June).

In the Doctor and Ruby’s latest adventure Dot and Bubble, both characters spent the majority of the story stuck in a Black Mirror-esque social media world of the ‘Bubble’, trying desperately to communicate with the episode’s protagonist Lindy Pepper-Bean (Callie Cooke) to save her and her friends from being consumed by alien slugs.

However, in the final scenes of the episode, Lindy and her friends’ society is revealed to be more sinister than it seemed, as they turn down the Doctor’s offer of life-saving help due to his race.



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The episode’s lead's racism shocked many viewers who didn’t pick up on earlier hints that Lindy’s world was racist, and showrunner Russell T Davies’ script has drawn much praise from viewers for how it surprised and appalled viewers with Lindy’s true character.

“There’s no resolution to the racism in Dot and Bubble. No big #DoctorWho speech and no redemption; even the Doctor can only cry in anguish against the self-inflicted stupidity of it all,” one fan noted on X (formerly Twitter) after watching the show on Saturday. “That’s harrowing,” they added.

“I really enjoyed Dot and Bubble,” Doctor Who comic author and artist Scott Gray penned on social media. “Most sci-fi stories that tackle racism say ‘Racism is evil’. This one says ‘Racism is STUPID’, which is just as important a message.”

Other fans reacted to the episode by sharing witty posts hailing that the alien slugs who were seen as the villains for the majority of Dot and Bubble were actually the heroes for attempting to destroy Lindy’s white supremacist society. 

Other’s also jokingly praised a lamppost which the ditsy social media dependent Lindy walked into twice during the episode while trying to exist outside of her Bubble.

Fans also praised Ncuti Gatwa’s emotional end-scene performance, during which the Doctor is prevented from being able to save the day due to Lindy's society’s racist bigotry.

“In one short scene, Ncuti Gatwa managed to deliver what is quite possibly the most impressive performance any actor has ever given as the Doctor in the first full episode they shot,” said one fan.

“I found this ending so powerful, discovering you’ve protected a racist society who’ll turn down their own survival because of their prejudice. Ncuti Gatwa had me close to tears with this one. A gut punch! May they all be ripped apart by the local wildlife,” another person shared on X.

But while the majority of fan reactions to the episode were wholly positive, some viewers did also respond to Dot and Bubble by critiquing Doctor Who for not including more black people in its creative team for Ncuti Gatwa’s first season playing a black doctor.

“Dot And Bubble was written for white people, by a white person, using metaphors to explain racism and white supremacy structures. Fine, but at what point are you just going to listen to Black people when we tell about these things? When are you going to hire us to tell our stories?” asked podcaster and journalist David Chipakupaku on X.

Doctor Who continues on BBC iPlayer and BBC One every Saturday.