Eric director Lucy Forbes hints at potential future of Netflix drama

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3 Jun 2024, 13:35

Lucy Forbes, Benedict Cumberbatch and Ivan Morris Howe in Eric (Netflix)

Credit: Getty / Netflix

The director behind Netflix’s latest intriguing thriller, Eric, has shared her thoughts on whether the limited series could return. 

Sherlock star Benedict Cumberbatch stars as Vincent, whose young son Edgar disappears on his way to school in 80s New York. 

While losing grip on reality in his desperate search, the children’s TV puppeteer tries to recreate a puppet using one of Edgar's drawings in the hope that putting it on TV will bring his son home.



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This is Going to Hurt director Lucy Forbes is also at the helm of Eric, which is billed as a limited series, which usually means there’s a definite ending. However, Lucy admitted to that it’s not out of the realms of possibility for Eric to return… in a different capacity. 

During our exclusive chat at the Eric UK premiere, we asked Lucy if the Eric universe could expand, and she revealed: “We have talked about it, like where would we go if we did Eric 2, what would it be? Is it the 90s and Edgar's in college?”

However, while the talented telly director did admit that Eric “ends where we left it,” she also confessed that she wouldn’t mind giving the show’s puppet series, Good Day Sunshine, a go. 

She continued: “In my head, I'm like, ‘Wouldn't it be amazing if we just make Good Day Sunshine? We could just unpack the puppets and just make Good Day Sunshine. That would be fun!”

Someone else who might be up for more puppets is lead star Benedict, who got to learn the art of puppeteering to play Vincent. 

While not something he ever expected to be an expert on, the Doctor Strange star was more than happy to learn the ropes.

Benedict admitted to “At 47, I mean, there's a reason why you could sort of fanny around and have fun with that at home or something, but no reason why I never thought I'd be doing it professionally. 

“I absolutely loved it,” he confessed. “It was marvellous, what a great gift to take home to a seven, five and nine year old.”

Eric is available to watch on Netflix now.