Nineties pop star lands huge new Netflix role in drama series with Suits star Patrick J Adams

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7 Jun 2024, 12:48

Guess which Nineties pop star has landed a huge new Netflix role with Suits star Patrick J Adams?

Credit: Getty / Netflix

In a blast from the pop past, a Nineties star is set to appear in a Netflix show alongside Suits actor Patrick J Adams. C'est La Vie! It's B*Witched singer Lindsay Armaou.

The Irish popstar, who also starred in Netflix’s Stay Close in 2022, has signed up for brand new drama series Lockerbie based on the devastating 1988 bombing.

Produced by Line of Duty's World Productions, the six-part series will also be available on the BBC. The singer will be starring alongside Suits star Adams, Sex Education's Connor Swindells, Merritt Wever (Unbelievable, Godless), Peter Mullan (Ozark, Payback), Tony Curran (Mary & George, Mayflies), Eddie Marsan (Ridley Road, The Pact) and Lauren Lyle (Karen Pirie, Vigil).



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A spokesperson confirmed: "We are delighted to announce our wonderful @lindsayarmaou has been confirmed for the highly anticipated ‘Lockerbie’, a co-production between BBC and Netflix.

"The series is being made by World Productions and cast includes: Suits actor Patrick J Adam’s, Downton Abbey’s Phyllis Logan and Merritt Wever from Unbelievable. Release date TBC."

The synopsis reads: "On 21 December 1988, flight Pan Am 103 was en route from Heathrow to JFK when a bomb exploded in its hold over the small Scottish town of Lockerbie, killing 270 people, including 43 British citizens and 190 Americans. It was the worst ever terror attack on British soil and the first major one on US citizens.

Suits actor Patrick J Adams

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"Lockerbie will focus on the investigation into the crash on both sides of the Atlantic and the devastating effect it had on the small town and the families who lost loved ones. From the initial exhaustive search for evidence on the ground in Scotland, via the US and Malta to the trial at Camp Zeist in 2000, the drama takes us right up to the most recent indictment at the end of 2022."

Speaking about her hectic pop past in the 90s, then being dropped from their label in 2001, the actress said previously: "There wasn’t as much awareness about emotional and mental health. We’re talking 25 years ago. But even in a working situation, if I think back to the amount of hours that we would work, consecutively, it would not be allowed these days. It was really full-on.

"You feel like you owe them, 'You’ve given me this opportunity, you’ve allowed this to happen, therefore I will work all the hours God sends me, and not say no to anything ever'.

B*Witched singer Lindsay Armaou in the band

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"It’s probably why a lot of bands back then burnt out, because you can only sustain that level of intensity for so long.

"Counselling should be offered to artists who are about to be launched, to prepare them for what’s to come, potentially, and how to deal with it, give them some tools to cope. I also think there should be counselling offered at the end of a contract, when a record company either drops an act, or the contract comes to an end… because your life is about to change dramatically."

Lockerbie will air on BBC One, BBC iPlayer and Netflix. Stay tuned for more details.