Marvel star Daniel Brühl on ‘showing the fragility’ of Karl Lagerfeld in new Disney+ series

Virgin Radio

7 Jun 2024, 12:10

Daniel Brühl and Ryan Tubridy at Virgin Radio

Credit: Virgin Radio

Actor Daniel Brühl has revealed the journey he went on to play the real Karl Lagerfeld in a new eye-opening Disney+ series, Becoming Karl Lagerfeld. 

The Marvel actor plays the late fashion powerhouse, with the new series detailing his rise through the world of 1970s Parisian high fashion. 

Lagerfeld was best remembered for his larger-than-life persona, defined by his famous white hair, monochrome suits and black gloves, but it was the man behind the facade that Daniel was most interested in. 



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Speaking on Ryan Tubridy’s mid-morning show on Virgin Radio today (7th June), the Captain America star revealed he’s “very proud” of Becoming Karl Lagerfeld, and described the series as “the beginnings of a very iconic, famous and fascinating man.”

He explained: “The series discovers who that man was before he became that persona that we all think of when we think of Karl Lagerfeld, similar to Andy Warhol. He protected himself. He had created that armour, these shields, that weird outfit, the white hair, the shades, the gloves. 

“I wanted to know who that man was, what happened in his life, and how he became that persona. I only met him once, 20 years ago, but I had met the character, that's not the real man.” 

On what he learnt about the iconic fashion guru, the All Quiet on the Western Front star revealed Karl was in fact a “romantic man,” with plenty of “fragility, vulnerability and insecurity” about him.

He added: “[Karl] went out there to conquer Paris in the 70s as a German kid. At the time, it was not very attractive to be a German in Paris, trying to compete with these gods like Yves, Saint Laurent. 

“This is always something that I enjoy, which is a big part of the show as well, is that…kind of competition with someone you love but hate. That you respect, but you're jealous and envious.”

“Then there's also a very compelling and very moving love story,” Daniel continued. “Also something that I didn't know anything about.”

That romance was something surprising to Daniel, who got the chance to explore an “intense love story with another man” on screen for the first time. 

“I very much enjoyed it,” he recalled. “This very talented, incredible young Canadian actor Théodore Pellerin made it so easy for me to believe this love story. We reached some moments of utter beauty and truth.”

Théodore plays Jacques de Bascher in the drama, who was “big love of [Karl's] life”, and Daniel grew emotional while talking about the partnership he was able to explore on screen. 

Discussing the powerful scenes the duo shared, the actor elaborated: “It's these seconds of ultimate truth that give me the kick to continue this for another 10 years, sometimes it’s only seconds. When you really think this is happening, there's no pretence. There's no acting anymore.”

Becoming Karl Lagerfeld is out on Disney+ now.