Bonus Track's Samuel Small spills on film's Josh O'Connor and Olly Alexander connections

Virgin Radio

7 Jun 2024, 14:41

Josh O'Connor, Steve Denyer with Smauel Small, and Olly Alexander

Credit: Virgin Radio/Getty

Bonus Track star Samuel Small has revealed more about how the LGBTQ+ rom-com film is connected to Olly Alexander and Josh O’Connor.

Speaking with Steve Denyer on Virgin Radio Pride’s mid-mornings show, the So Awkward and The Nest star explained how the queer coming of age story was invented by Challengers star Josh O’Connor, and features music from recent UK Eurovision contestant Olly Alexander.

In Bonus Track, aspiring teen musician George Bobbin (Joe Anders)’s life is changed when he teams up with Max (Samuel Small) - the son of a famous rock duo - to try and compete at a school talent show.



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The film also stars Jack Davenport, Susan Wokoma, Alison Sudol and Josh O’Connor in a small cameo role.

“Josh O’Connor made the story, and then his childhood friend Mike Gilbert wrote it, and they kind of collabed on it,” Small explained during his chat with Steve on Friday (7th June).

“When I got the script, I knew that there was going to be this musical element,” the actor continued. “And then when I got the job… I found out it was going to be a song by Olly Alexander called ‘A Very Bad Fun Idea’ and then I got sent the song.”

Small then hilariously admitted: “Throughout the whole summer, [the whole cast] were all listening to it… it was stuck in all of our heads, but we couldn’t sing it and we couldn’t play it and we couldn’t listen to it, because it wasn’t out yet! It was our summer anthem before it kind of came out.”

Thankfully for Small, who had to sing the song in the film as his character Max, the young performer grew up singing. “I was on the West End, so I had some singing training. But your voice is a muscle, and if you don’t train it you kind of lose it,” he shared, revealing he was “daunted” by the task of singing in the film.

“I was so nervous about it, [but] I’m really happy with how it turned out,” the actor said.

On the subject of Bonus Track’s feel-good love story, Small gushed about how the film’s LGBTQ+ romance is simply woven into the plot rather than being made into a big thing. “I always just describe it as it’s two best friends falling in love, and that can happen to anyone,” the actor said. “[Acting it] was so fantastic, and it didn’t have to be doom and gloom. It’s just a celebration of two young lads.”

Bonus Track is available to watch now on Sky Cinema and NOW.