Austin Butler opens up about his The Bikeriders accident - 'I was okay!'

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12 Jun 2024, 10:32

Austin Butler in the Bikeriders and at a red carpet event

Credit: Rex/Universal Pictures

Austin Butler has opened up about how he was involved in a biking accident on the set of The Bikeriders.

The Elvis and Dune: Part Two star seemingly found himself launched from the bike he was riding after it skidded on some wet leaves, but thankfully found himself “okay” after the incident.

In The Bikeriders, Butler plays Benny, a member of real-life Chicago biking club The Vandals. Set in the 1960s, the film tells a fictionalised story based on journalist and photographer Danny Lyons’ book of the same name which documented much of the biker gang’s early history.



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Butler, along with the film’s other stars such as Tom Hardy and Jodie Comer, spent a lot of time working on his bike riding skills in order to shoot the movie's many riding scenes.

Speaking with and other press at the London Gala Screening of The Bikeriders, the actor opened up about his crash, explaining: “It had been raining in the day, and it was about three in the morning.

“We were doing a scene where it’s the last scene I have with Tom, and the bike was cold. [Advisers on set] said ‘The bike won’t start, but try to kick start it. It’s not going to start, but if it happens to start, you just take off and you turn around before you hit the railroad tracks.’”

He continued: “And so I got on the bike, we did a scene… I kicked the bike and it started on the first go! So I took off and I go driving down the road, looking for the railroad tracks… right around that time, there’s these pockets of street lamps and then darkness, and I’m in one of those pockets of darkness.”

Having found the railroad tracks, Butler decided to pull over as was requested, but it was while doing this that the accident happened. “I started to go over to the right hand side of the road, and I didn’t realise that they had pushed all the wet leaves to the right hand side, and when you hit wet leaves on a motorcycle, it’s like you’re on ice.

“And so the back tire just started to fishtail,” he said, before dramatically explaining: “I surfed the bike sideways for a while and then I jumped off, but I landed on my feet. I was okay!”

The Bikeriders will be released in cinemas on Friday 21st June.