The Chase star Anne Hegerty reveals her future TV plans

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22 Jun 2024, 15:11

Anne Hegerty

Credit: Getty/ITV

Anne Hegerty, the beloved Governess of The Chase, reveals her next steps and her candid thoughts on reality TV.

Anne Hegerty, our favourite brainiac from ITV's hit game show The Chase, has made a massive reveal about her future on the telly.

The quiz queen, famously known as The Governess, has declared she’s stepping back from reality TV.



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Yes, you heard it right! After her unforgettable stint in the Australian jungle on I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! in 2018, Anne has decided she’s done with reality shows unless it’s something she’s genuinely interested in improving.

Speaking to the Daily Star, Anne said: “The jungle is about as big as you can get. Everything else is a bit of a step down. I don't want to do another reality show unless it involves something I want to get better at. I think I'm done.”

Anne isn’t just The Chase royalty; she's also a panto regular and the host of ITV's Britain's Brightest Family.

But let’s be honest, it’s her role on The Chase that has us all hooked. Alongside fellow Chasers Jenny Ryan, Paul Sinha, Darragh Ennis, Mark Labbett, and Shaun Wallace, Anne has kept us on the edge of our seats with her vast knowledge and quick wit.

But what makes The Chase so captivating? According to Anne, it's the unbeatable combination of a fantastic format and their secret weapon: Bradley Walsh.

She told Best magazine: "Great formats and a brilliant host! You can tune into 'The Chase' at any point during the hour, catch up with it very quickly and be absorbed by it. But our secret weapon is Bradley Walsh everybody loves Bradley.

"He was made to do these programmes they just suit him down to the ground. I love being able to throw out a bizarre fact and he will run with it and make a joke out of it. I love the way he latches on to the things I say."

Now, let’s take a brief detour into Anne’s past, a story that could rival any soap opera twist. Anne revealed the heartbreaking tale of how her father abandoned her family on Christmas Day.

Talk about a plot twist! He left a note for her mother saying: "For Christmas 1970, one house free from husband." Anne shared this on ITV's DNA Journey, giving fans a glimpse into her tumultuous upbringing.

“My dad left home just before Christmas. He left my mother a note saying, ‘For Christmas 1970, one house free from husband,’” she said.

Reflecting on her past, Anne quipped: “People say, ‘Were you brought up in a nuclear family?’ I was like, ‘Well, it kind of exploded, so yeah?’”

Despite the blunt message her father left, Anne revealed they reconciled later in life. He was even one of her supporters after she was diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome in her 40s.

While Anne might be stepping away from the jungle and other reality escapades, her fans can still look forward to seeing her dominate the quiz show world and maybe catch her in a panto or two.

So, if you’re a fan of Anne Hegerty, don’t fret. She’s not disappearing from our screens anytime soon. She’s just stepping away from the reality show limelight and sticking to what she does best: quizzing her way into our hearts and homes.