Escape to the Chateau's Dick and Angel Strawbridge reveal if they'd ever return to TV

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23 Jun 2024, 11:21

Dick and Angel Strawbridge

Credit: Channel 4

The beloved couple from Escape to the Chateau are hitting the road with their Forever Home Tour, bringing joy, inspiration, and a hint of chaos to fans across the UK but will it make its way to the telly?

Grab your tool belts and prepare for a DIY delight! Dick and Angel Strawbridge, the dynamic duo behind the much-loved series Escape to the Chateau, are back in action with their brand-new Forever Home Tour.

Set to kick off in October, this six-week extravaganza promises to bring their infectious enthusiasm and charming banter to fans nationwide.

Starting on October 6th in Angel's hometown of Southend-on-Sea and wrapping up on November 17th in Brighton, the tour will feature 33 dates filled with untold stories, laughs, and a dash of DIY madness.



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But wait, there's more! This isn't just any tour—it's an interactive adventure where audience members can compete in a series of quirky challenges to earn the title of their town's Escape to the Chateau – Jack of All Trades.

From icing cakes to fixing leaky pipes, no task is too outlandish, and it’s guaranteed to be a messy, marvellous time.

In an exclusive chat with, Dick and Angel spilled the beans on their bustling lives post-Escape to the Chateau and what the future holds for them on TV.

Dick shared: "It's interesting because we haven't stopped doing things now. The end of Escape to the Chateau in 2022 was the culmination, because Arthur starts senior school. He's going off in the next phase. All these things are happening.

"But I think one of the things that allows us to sort of keep talking on a weekly basis about what's going on is the podcast, and Angela puts her newsletter out as well. We have all little bits of video and stuff that's going on in our life. We just seem to continue to be busy."

Busy indeed! Besides the tour, the couple has plenty of irons in the fire, from writing books and running their events business to capturing content for their podcast and preparing for a unique festival next summer.

Angel excitedly explained: "We've essentially got everything lined up until next summer, a festival, the Jack of All Trades festival, and we're genuinely, really, really excited about it, because it's different, and life is all about variety. We've been incredibly busy over the last 10 years, doing a lot of renovation, and it's been grubby, and then we've had beautiful events.

"We're in this new era now, where the children are growing up. We still have our wedding and events business, we're writing books, we've got our podcast, we're capturing content, we're doing tours. There's lots and lots of stuff happening, and all of that is really exciting."

With all this excitement, fans are naturally curious if a return to TV is on the cards.

Dick addressed this directly: "We have had people who are interested in us doing something, but as we stopped the Escape type of television for Arthur and Dorothy, they're now at that age, and that was a really good thing. We don't really want to do something that's like Escape but not the same or not good enough.

"We're not rushing anything because we've got so much else on. We've had some lovely offers, and people are really keen for us to do things, but we don't want to actually jump and do something that's not quite right."

Angel chimed in, emphasising their careful consideration for future projects: "The next thing has to be really, really, really right for us. I'm not a television presenter; Dick is, and Dick used to go out to work as a real presenter, but I'm not. There'll never be an Escape in the same way, because we were filming the whole year.

"We have always said at some point we would be really open to a little update and, you know, a Christmas special, etc., because that's sort of short and sharp and will probably feed the hunger while still keeping the children's privacy. We could sense a couple of years ago that we needed to make the right decisions, and we did. Whatever is next for us, the family will come first."

As for the Forever Home Tour, Angel is particularly excited about the impact it will have on their audience: "I think the thing that I'm looking forward to is watching people's confidence grow. I think half of these things, or people saying 'I can't do that,' is because they haven't got the confidence. And that is something that I know I had to build."

Reflecting on their grand plans, Dick added: "It could be telly. When we first thought of it, we were like, 'That would be quite something to do for telly.' But now we're just thinking, 'You know what, I would like to prove that anybody can do it.' It's like our dare to do it tour. We say anybody can do it, we explain why you do something ridiculous, like buying a chateau.

"And to be fair, buying a chateau is cheaper than buying a bedsit in East London. Now that makes life interesting when you start looking at the facts, and I think that's a huge part of our logic."

So, whether you’re a fan of their charming chateau or just love a good DIY challenge, Dick and Angel Strawbridge’s Forever Home Tour promises to be an unforgettable experience.

Get ready to laugh, learn, and maybe even get a little messy with Britain’s favourite DIY duo!

The Forever Home's 33 dates starts on 6 October in Southend-on-Sea and ends on 17 November, in Brighton. Tickets are available here.