Vogue Williams' husband Spencer Matthews once 'messaged Lewis Capaldi to play' for them

Virgin Radio

6 Jul 2024, 13:21

Credit: Getty/Rex

Vogue Williams, sitting in for Ryan Tubridy, shares the awkward tale of Spencer Matthews trying to book Lewis Capaldi for a private party and her Glastonbury adventures.

The fabulous Vogue Williams, known for her stints on TV and radio, has been dropping some absolute gems whilst filling in for Ryan Tubridy on Virgin Radio.

The model has kept us entertained with her hilarious confessions, and she had an absolute cracker about her husband, Made in Chelsea's Spencer Matthews, and none other than Lewis Capaldi.



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Scottish crooner Capaldi has been on a bit of a hiatus, taking time to focus on his mental and physical health.

However a recent snap shared by The Sun shows Capaldi back in the studio, guitar in hand, hinting at a musical comeback.

Fans will recall his emotional performance at Glastonbury last year, where he admitted he was struggling to keep up.

The chart-topping singer behind hits like Someone You Loved and Before You Go had previously told fans: “I want to make absolutely sure I’m 100 per cent before getting back out there again properly for more shows and doing what I love more than anything.”

So, while Capaldi is easing back into the limelight, it seems Spencer Matthews might have his own plans for the singer.

Vogue couldn’t help but gush about Lewis during her show: "Lewis Capaldi, wish you the best. He is just so incredible. I actually miss him on Instagram. I don't know if anyone remembers him on Instagram, but he was so funny, and I used to really look forward to his stories."

Now, here’s where it gets juicy. Vogue shared that her husband, Spencer, a massive Lewis Capaldi fan, tried to do something extra special for himself and his beau.

But in true Spencer style, it was anything but ordinary.

She confessed: "So I found that he had mailed Lewis Capaldi on Instagram, and he mailed him saying, 'Hey, just want to know about your availability for my wife's birthday?'"

It’s believed this grand gesture was more likely to be for their 'second wedding' celebration in London back in 2019, following their secret Scottish ceremony in 2018.

But it didn’t stop there. Spencer was determined to get a response from Capaldi.

She continued: "Like, Lewis Capaldi! He mailed this to him and then right, Lewis obviously didn't write back. And then he [Spencer] said, 'Just following up on the above mate.' And he had about four messages underneath."

Poor Spencer! Vogue went on: "And I was like, 'Oh my god, please! Someone stop him mailing Lewis Capaldi like they're friends!'"

As fate would have it, Vogue ran into Lewis Capaldi one night.

She added: "He's friends with my cousin. And I was like, 'Any chance you remember getting a direct message off my husband Spencer?' And he was like, 'Yeah, I do, actually.'"

Lewis, ever the good sport, acknowledged that he had seen and ignored Spencer’s messages, which only made Vogue love him more.

She even got a photo of Lewis with the messages and sent it to Spencer.

She finished with: "How embarrassing for my husband. How embarrassing Spenny! This song is for you."

She then played "Crazy" by Gnarls Barkley, adding a musical punchline to the story.

Vogue, who’s been entertaining Virgin Radio listeners all week, also had a bit of a rough patch after attending Glastonbury.

She lost her voice, and she humorously blamed Coldplay for it.

She coughed out: "It was Coldplay’s fault! It had nothing to do with me. I went to see them at Glastonbury and they were the standout of the whole weekend. They were unbelievable. They were playing hit-after-hit. I didn’t even know I knew the words to Coldplay songs, but there I was, screaming along until I had no voice left.”