Miranda Hart to lift lid on ‘unexpected decade’ as she returns to spotlight with candid new book

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6 Jul 2024, 15:28

Miranda Hart

Credit: Instagram (@realmirandahart)

Call The Midwife star Miranda Hart will open up about the “surprising challenges” she’s faced over the last 10 years in a brand new book. 

The comedian is famous for much-loved sitcom Miranda in 2009 to 2015, and played Camilla "Chummy" Fortescue-Cholmondeley-Browne in Call the Midwife. 

Miranda has taken something of a backstep in recent years, last appearing on TV in 2020’s Miranda’s Games with Showbiz Names Christmas special, and now she’s set to lift the lid on the “difficulties” she faced over the past decade. 



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The actress revealed her new book, titled I Haven’t Been Entirely Honest With You, to fans on Instagram, and told her followers that she’s finally “physically recovered” in a way she "never thought possible" following a period of “darkness.”

In her video explanation, Miranda shared: “I am honest in [the book] about, well here's what I will say, I've been through a very unexpected decade in my life and there have been surprising and incredible joys but also some really difficult equally surprising challenges.

“All the tests and trials I've been through are in here when you buy it... I am here, I am in tact, I got through it.”

She continued:  “I am sharing the treasures that I learnt in darkness and the things that helped me to live and feel like I am free and joyful and peaceful and physically recovered in a way that I never thought possible. 

“So there you go. There is always hope I suppose whatever you might be going through at this time. None of us go through life without some testing or trials do we?”

Although previously private about her personal life, Miranda did tease that fans might get to learn about her love life. 

“And I couldn't possibly say if there is a love story or not,” she added. “That would be telling. No there isn't...there is! I am very excited about it.”

When Miranda didn’t return for another series of Call the Midwife, speculation began that she was struggling with illness, and while those reports were never confirmed, the Not Going Out star has now hinted she’ll explain all about her absence in her book. 

The caption to the Instagram video revealed: “During a difficult decade I was forced to get still and research and study many good and wise scientists, physiologists, neuroscientists, even the odd sociologist (all the ‘ists’).

“I have distilled what I have learnt into 10 treasures. They have, without a shadow of a doubt, changed my life. The proof in the pudding being I am alive and well and joyful to tell my story.”

Miranda Hart’s upcoming book, I Haven't Been Entirely Honest With You, is out 10th October.