Fans say the same thing as The Turkish Detective airs first episode

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8 Jul 2024, 08:15

Scenes from The Turkish Detective

Credit: BBC

A new crime drama has hit the BBC, set in Istanbul and featuring the investigation of the murder of a university student. 

The new eight-part series is adapted from the award-winning and best-selling Inspector Ikmen novel series by Barbara Nadel, and stars Haluk Bilginer (Baba), Ethan Kai (Killing Eve) and Yasemin Kay Allen (The Usual Suspects).

Episode one, which landed on BBC Two last night (7th July) saw British detective Mehmet Suleyman (Kai) arrive in Istanbul to join the homicide unit led by eccentric inspector Çetin Ikmen. Upon his arrival, the team began to investigate the murder of a university student.



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Fans took to social media to react to the first episode of the series, which is written and produced by Ben Schiffer (Skins) and directed by Niels Arden Oplev (The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo). And it turns out that many of them had the same thought… that it made them want to go to Istanbul. 

One wrote: “Absolutely loving #TheTurkishDetective. Love the atmosphere, makes me want to travel to Istanbul.”

Someone else said: “I'll have to visit #Istanbul it looks amazing !”

A commenter wrote: “Wow what a superb Ep1 of  #TheTurkishDetective. The main male leads are like chalk and cheese but somehow they make an interesting team. Loved the stunning location of Istanbul. It’s been on my to visit list for years.”

Another fan added: “Love it! Excellent quick exposition, then into the characters, and the complexity of the case against social lines. Love all the actors - no favourites, they're all real people, not stereotypes. And so enjoying Istanbul, as much as my visits. More, more, more, please!”

A viewer said: “I'm hooked by the excellent #TheTurkishDetective. There's a feast of activity, interesting three dimensional characters and you get a tour of Istanbul thrown in. Haluk Bilginer's Inspector Ikmen is particularly enjoyable.”

Meanwhile, others suggested that there was a similarity between the drama and another detective show. “My Turkish husband and I both loved watching #TheTurkishDetective

Columbo in Istanbul!” one wrote.

Someone else said: “Absolutely gripping with humour thrown in. Reminds me of "Columbo".Enigmatic detective! Loved it!👏👏👏”

Another added: “He’s like a Turkish Columbo.”

Episode two airs tonight (Monday 8th July) on BBC Two, and then episode three will be on Sunday 14th July. 

If you feel like a binge, then all eight episodes are available to watch now on BBC iPlayer.