Viewers react to ‘brilliant’ new drama The Night Caller, demanding episode 2 now

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8 Jul 2024, 10:02

Robert Glenister & Sean Pertwee in The Nightcaller

Credit: Channel 5

Channel 5's gripping new thriller leaves viewers hooked, eagerly anticipating more twists and turns.

Channel 5 has delivered a cracker of a thriller that's got everyone talking.

The Night Caller, which made its debut on Sunday night, has left viewers on the edge of their seats and begging for more.

Starring the brilliant Robert Glenister and Sean Pertwee, this four-part series promises to be a rollercoaster of suspense and drama.



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The show follows the lonely and slightly unhinged cab driver Tony, played by Robert Glenister.

After being sacked from his teaching job, Tony now prowls the streets at night, his only solace being the voice of late-night radio DJ Lawrence, portrayed by Sean Pertwee.

Tony's life then starts to take a dark turn when he becomes obsessed with Lawrence.

Viewers were instantly hooked from the first episode.

Taking to X (formerly known as Twitter), one thrilled viewer exclaimed: "Well I enjoyed it, it's setting it up for a good few nights of suspense."

Another couldn't contain their excitement, demanding: "BRILLIANT! Episode 2 now!!!"

One fan, who stumbled upon the show by chance, was pleasantly surprised: "Channel 5's The Night Caller great show, came across it by accident but safe to say I'm engrossed now."

Another viewer couldn't get enough of the show's visual appeal, praising the 'amazing' cinematography.

The performances of Glenister and Pertwee have been a major highlight.

One viewer gushed: "Brilliant stuff from Robert Glenister and Sean Pertwee in tonight's #TheNightCaller premiere. I can't wait to see what's coming up," while another echoed the sentiment, adding: "Robert Glenister and Sean Pertwee are doing a cracking job in #TheNightCaller."

Before the premiere, Glenister himself teased the twists and turns awaiting viewers.

"It was a bit daunting as a job because Tony is in every scene! But I also like the fact that the series starts as a thriller, and then becomes something far more involved, far more complicated and human," he revealed.

He encouraged viewers to stick with the series, hinting that it would defy expectations: "If the audience makes a decision about what the show is by the end of episode one, they should keep watching, because the chances are the series is not what they think it is."

For those who haven't yet tuned in, the series introduces Tony as a man on the brink.

After losing his job and his marriage crumbling, his only connections are with cafe worker Rosa and late-night radio DJ Lawrence.

But things take a dark turn when Tony's nightly calls to Lawrence morph into a dangerous obsession.

The synopsis tantalises with a glimpse into the unfolding drama: "One night Tony plucks up the courage and rings NightTalk to speak to Lawrence, and soon becomes a 'friend of the show.'

"For the first time in years, he feels listened to. But as time passes, his developing bond with the late-night DJ begins to turn into an unhealthy obsession as he starts interpreting Lawrence's 'worldview' in dangerous ways that have devastating impacts on Tony's life."

The tension ramps up when Lawrence unwittingly steps into Tony's cab one night.

What starts as an exciting chance meeting quickly sours when Tony realises that Lawrence isn't the man he thought he was.

The DJ's façade crumbles, leaving Tony feeling betrayed and angry.

Full of twists and unexpected turns, if you're a fan of suspense and psychological thrillers, The Night Caller is a must-watch.

The Night Caller continues on Monday 8th July at 9pm on Channel 5.