Nicolas Cage is 'utterly unrecognisable' in new horror film Longlegs according to co-star - 'It's insane'

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8 Jul 2024, 11:33

Maika Monroe and Nicolas Cage in Longlegs

Credit: Neon

Nicolas Cage is at his most terrifying in his new horror flick Longlegs, according to co-star Maika Monroe. 

The National Treasure star is “utterly unrecognisable” in his role as the psychotic serial killer, known only as Longlegs, in the freakish film. It Follows actress Maika plays FBI agent Lee Harker tasked with tracking him down.

Longlegs is out in cinemas on 12th July, and all the promotional trailers currently released have yet to show Cage’s full face to help build up his truly gruesome transformation. 



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Cage’s horrific turn also shocked those on set, and during an exclusive interview with, Maika insisted the star was worlds away from the wacky actor audiences know and love. 

“It was insane, it was incredible,” Maika enthused. “Just from an actor's standpoint, to watch him in this performance was surreal. Obviously, I grew up watching his movies and he’s an icon. We know his voice, we know his mannerisms, we all know what he looks like.” 

She continued: “It was just so incredible to see him in this role, because he is completely and utterly unrecognisable. There's not an ounce of the Nic Cage that we all know in this. It was so cool to be acting opposite him, with him two feet away from me. It was one of those moments I'll never forget.”

Set in the 1990s, Longlegs follows Harker as she’s assigned to an unsolved case involving a satanic serial killer. The case becomes even more complicated when occult evidence is found, and Harker’s personal connection to the killer becomes apparent. 

With a resounding 100 percent on Rotten Tomatoes already, Longlegs is clearly a major hit with horror fans, and when asked about the incredible reaction before the movie has even dropped in cinemas, Maika admitted she was surprised to see viewers take to it so quickly. 

She explained: “It's so hard for me, because, of course, I was there on set every day. It will never have the same impact on me as it does someone watching it for the first time. I knew it would be scary, but people are saying it's one of the scariest movies they've seen in a long time. That has been surprising.”

Maika herself became beloved by scary movie fans after starring in cult horror flick It Follows in 2015 and Watcher, so what is it about terrifying thrillers that keeps bringing her back in? 

“There's such a freedom in the horror genre,” she shared. “There's really no limits. There's no boundaries. For me, I read a lot of scripts, and for whatever reason, I keep getting pulled back in, because I think that they're the most interesting stories, the most interesting roles with the most layers, 

“I feel like it's usually the most challenging and where I grow the most. I just keep getting drawn to the genre for those reasons.”

Longlegs is out in cinemas on 12th July.