Simon Cowell's new Netflix show: audition chaos and the hunt for the next 1D!

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8 Jul 2024, 12:02

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Simon Cowell is back on the hunt for the next pop sensation – and this time, it's for Netflix! Here's everything we know so far.

Brace yourselves, the legendary Simon Cowell is back with a bang, searching for the next global pop sensation.

Fourteen years after unleashing One Direction upon the world, Simon is hoping to find the next big thing in boy bands, and it's all going to be captured on film for a potential Netflix documentary series.

Get ready for a journey filled with drama, dreams, and possibly, the next 1D!



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"Every generation deserves a megastar boyband, and I don't think there has been one to have the success of One Direction in over 14 years," Simon declared, putting out the call for wannabe pop stars to audition.

"The industry tends to focus on solo artists - so it usually takes someone from outside to put a group together."

And who better to do that than the music mogul who brought us the world's biggest boy band?

Simon’s latest venture, produced by Box to Box Films, promises to be a real treat for fans.

Unlike the glitzy X-Factor format, this new programme will take a more behind-the-scenes, documentary approach.

Speaking about the hunt, Simon shared: "Nothing beats the fun of being in a group, touring the world and performing for thousands – and it's also a brilliant launchpad for a solo career.

When you have a great group, it's like lightning in a bottle but there's no magic formula and a fair bit of luck involved!"

Ah, the sweet thrill of uncertainty! Simon, ever the realist, added: "There's always a high degree of risk and I genuinely have no idea what’s going to happen! We might uncover an incredible group; we might not get there.

"What if no one shows up to auditions? That could be awkward. There is no guaranteed path to success – anything can happen, but that's what's exciting for me and that's why I'm doing this."

Auditions kicked off in Liverpool on Saturday, 6th July, targeting talented young men aged 16-18 with the "passion, charisma, and star quality to form the next boyband sensation."

But hold on to your microphones, because it wasn't exactly a full house. According to The Sun, the turnout was modest, with only a small number of hopefuls lining up at the Albert Dock venue.

The queue never topped more than 40 people – a far cry from the hordes seen during X-Factor's heyday.

Despite the underwhelming numbers, Simon was unfazed.

Always the optimist, he took to Instagram to share his gratitude and excitement: "Liverpool. Thank you! I knew we had to come to your city and you really did deliver. Thank you to every single one of you for turning up, and showing me and my team the huge amount of talent out there.

"It's very inspiring to see how many of you really want this. No matter what, we will see everyone who shows up for us. Just be yourself!"

Even Simon’s fiancée, Lauren Silverman, chimed in on the action.

Speaking to HELLO! at the Emirates x HELLO! All Love Luncheon at Wimbledon, she shared her enthusiasm: "[Simon's] super busy. He's doing a boy band show and is on the hunt for the next 1D. He's going to Liverpool for a few days for auditions. We're all really excited for him. Hopefully, it's going to be great."

Next up, Simon is taking his talent hunt to Dublin for auditions on the 28th and 29th of July, before heading to London for a three-day stint from the 1st to the 3rd of August.

So, if you’ve got the chops, charisma, and the charm, this could be your chance to become the next Harry Styles or Niall Horan!

It’s going to be a wild ride as Simon embarks on this new venture. Will he find the next One Direction?

Simon will be heading to Dublin for the next set of auditions, held on the 28th and 29th of July, before travelling to London for three days (1st, 2nd & 3rd August).