Brad Pitt stars in nail-biting first-look at Lewis Hamilton's Formula 1 movie F1

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8 Jul 2024, 11:48

Brad Pitt in F1 and a Formula 1 car in the film

Credit: Warner Bros

Brad Pitt and Kerry Condon are the stars of Apple and Warner Bros’ first-look at Lewis Hamilton's Formula 1 focused movie.

Entitled simply ‘F1’, the racing drama is currently filming at Silverstone during the British Grand Prix in order to get as authentic footage as possible.

In the film, Pitt stars as veteran driver Sonny Hayes, who makes a return to racing in Formula 1 after a prolonged period of absence. 



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As the recently released first teaser footage reveals, Hayes returns to racing alongside talented young rookie Joshua Pearce (Damson Idris) in an attempt to challenge the status quo of F1’s top teams with their fictional underdog team, APXGP.

Speaking with Sky Sports at Silverstone in 2023 while filming for the movie, Pitt explained how his character retired from F1 racing after “a horrible crash” which led to him "disappearing" to race in other disciplines for a while. 

“His friend, played by Javier Bardem, is a team owner. They're a last-placed team…” Pitt continued. “They've never scored a point. They have a young phenom played by Damson Idris. He brings me in as a kind of Hail Mary, and hijinks ensue.”

Other stars of F1 - which is due for release next summer - include Tobias Menzies, Sarah Niles, Kim Bodnia and Samson Kayo.

Seven-time F1 world champion and nine-time British Grand Prix winner Lewis Hamilton is producing the film (alongside others) through his Dawn Apollo Films production company, and has spoken in the past about being committed to making the movie as realistic as possible to “the essence” of F1 and racing as a sport in general.

F1 first trailer certainly gives this impression, as it remains dialogue light in order to showcase many nail-biting close-up looks at racing, all soundtracked by the Queen hit ‘We Will Rock You.’

The movie is being directed by Top Gun: Maverick’s Joseph Kosinski and is being made in collaboration with Formula 1® and the F1 community, including the 10 F1 teams and their drivers, the FIA, and race promoters.

F1 is due for release in cinemas on 25th June 2025.