Daisy Edgar-Jones 'couldn't hear for a while' after filming tornado scenes in Twisters 

Virgin Radio

9 Jul 2024, 10:22

Daisy Edgar-Jones at the Twisters red carpet and in the film as Kate Cooper

Credit: Universal

Daisy Edgar-Jones has opened up about how filming Twisters left her ears ringing from the force of the onset wind.

Speaking at the European Premiere of the disaster film which sees Daisy’s character Kate Cooper and others caught up in some terrifying weather, the Normal People star was full of enthusiasm for her time filming the movie.

Chatting with virginradio.co.uk and other press, the actress was asked whether she picked up any injuries while filming the natural disaster focused film.



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Thankfully, Daisy explained she avoided any on set injuries, but did experience some temporary hearing loss as a result of all the fans which were used to whip up twister-like weather during the production.

“I couldn’t hear for a while because of the fans, so that was wild,” she shared while being interviewed on the red carpet. “They were just very loud… but no injuries!” she added happily.

Also speaking with virginradio.co.uk and other press at the Twisters premiere in London last night (8th July), fellow lead star Glen Powell shared how filming the 90s movie sequel led him to exhaust not one but four trucks.

“It's hard to look ridiculous chasing tornadoes in a big truck and with a great cast around. It's just, it's the dream,” the actor gushed.

“We got to do some wild stuff with that truck," he then added. "We had four of them, and I think we went through all of them!”

Twisters sees twister-fearful Kate Cooper lured back to the dangerous open plains of Oklahoma by her storm-chasing friend Javi (Anthony Ramos) in order to test a groundbreaking new twister tracking system.

Soon the pair cross paths with social-media famous storm-chaser Tyler Owens (Powell), just as the storm season intensifies and the group’s storm-based predicaments multiply in size and dangerous ferocity.

Twisters will be released in cinemas on Wednesday, 17th July.