Sabrina Carpenter fans can’t believe who her famous aunt is

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10 Jul 2024, 14:26

Sabrina Carpenter and Lisa and Bart Simpson

Credit: Getty / Rex

She may be dominating the charts, but it turns out that pop star Sabrina Carpenter isn’t the only person in her family who has found fame thanks to their vocals.

Nancy Cartwright, who is Carpenter’s aunt, has lent her voice to one of the most iconic TV shows ever.

Whilst Nancy Cartwright might not necessarily be a household name, the character she voices in The Simpsons certainly is. Yes, Sabrina Carpenter’s aunt is, in fact, the voice of Bart Simpson!



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And the Bartman isn’t the only character to whom she brings life in The Simpsons. She also voices Ralph Wiggum, Todd Flanders, Nelson Muntz (“ha-ha”) and Bart's baby sister, Maggie.

The Emmy winner surprised fans on social media by revealing that she has a famous niece, saying, “Yeah! Absolutely!” when someone asked if she was related to the Espresso hitmaker.

“Isn’t that amazing?” she said. “Maybe you’ve known me for a little while, doing this little 10-year-old boy for 35 some years – and some of you guys for way less than that – and find out that I’m related to this superstar. She’s pretty amazing.”

Posting a video on Instagram, TikTok and X, in which she answers the fan question, she wrote: “The rumours are true! Sabrina Carpenter is my niece!”

Fans are having a cow at the news, and have taken to social media to exclaim their excitement.

One wrote: “What?! Didn’t see that coming.”

Someone else said: “Mind is blown,” and another wrote: “Wait what??”

Another added: “Imagine being able to say your auntie is Bart Simpson 🔥”

The Simpsons first aired in 1989, and has broadcast a whopping 768 episodes so far. It is the longest-running American animated series, longest-running American sitcom, and the longest-running American scripted primetime television series, both in seasons and individual episodes.

Meanwhile, Cartwright’s pop sensation niece has sung her way into the record books by clinching the top two spots in the UK charts.

Her smash hit Please Please Please sits at the summit, with Espresso nestled behind it at number two.