Florence Pugh and Andrew Garfield have fans ‘bawling’ in first-look trailer for We Live In Time

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10 Jul 2024, 15:38

Florence Pugh and Andrew Garfield in We Live In Time

Credit: A24

Fans have shared their emotional reaction to the very first glimpse of Florence Pugh and Andrew Garfield’s no doubt tearjerking movie, We Live In Time. 

The upcoming romantic comedy-drama stars Midsommar’s Pugh and Spider-Man’s Garfield as a married couple who fall in love following a chance encounter, and soon deal with all of life’s highs and incredible lows.

In the emotional trailer, the A-Lister’s chemistry leaps off the screen as they meet for the first time…moments after Almut (Pugh) accidentally runs over Tobias (Garfield).



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“Whether we like it or not, the clock is ticking…I’m worried there’s a very distinct and real possibility that I’m about to fall in love with you,” Tobias urges, before the timeline jumps to the future, where Almut receives some devastating news about her health. 

Throughout the two-minute first-look, Almut and Tobias experience the joy of pregnancy and expanding their family, while also dealing with the very real fear of loss. 

“I’m not interested in a treatment that accidentally wastes our time,” a frustrated Almut says, before adding: “I can’t bear the thought of being forgotten.”

“I’m guilty of looking ahead, instead of right in front of me,” a tearful Tobias insists.

We Live In Time’s official synopsis reads: “Almut and Tobias are brought together in a surprise encounter that changes their lives. Through snapshots of their life together — falling for each other, building a home, becoming a family — a difficult truth is revealed that rocks its foundation. 

“As they embark on a path challenged by the limits of time, they learn to cherish each moment of the unconventional route their love story has taken, in filmmaker John Crowley’s decade-spanning, deeply moving romance.”

Fans were quick to praise the movie’s heartwarming and equally heartbreaking feel, with one writing on X: “Looks like its really gonna nail the balance between love, joy and grief. Trailer is heavy on love and joy. I can tell the grief bits are gonna come like a punch to the gut.”

“IM BAWLING MY EYES ALREADY,” said another, while a third shared: “Not me crying just from the trailer.”

“Andrew and Florence. A24. This looks like it’s going to be beautiful and heartbreaking all at once. Sign me up,” commented another. 

We Live In Time is expected to land in cinemas on 11th October.