Dave Grohl's early punk band to feature on 'Salad Days' soundtrack

Virgin Radio

25 Nov 2018, 13:17

For the first time, the remastered soundtrack to the documentary 'will be released. The film, which came out in 2014, follows the evolution of punk in D.C. from 1980 to 1990 and the upcoming compilation will contain rare tracks by the city's most influential bands. 

Band Mission Impossible (who feature a young Dave Grohl on drums) are included on the album, with their song 'Now I'm Alone' making the A-side. The song refers to the fast-changing punk scene in Washington at the time and showcases the exceptional raw talent of a pre-Nirvana Grohl.

The film's director Scott Crawford describes Mission Impossible as a "phenomenal, albeit short-lived, live band”. He recalls attending “several of their practices in Virginia" where he "just sat back and watch them go nuts". He adds: "They were all superb musicians and watching Dave behind the drum kit was always a thrill.” 

Speaking on the rest of the album, Crawford explains how he selected bands “whose music defined the era for me”. On why he decided to develop the soundtrack, the filmmaker states: "I felt like their music would resonate now with listeners all around the world. At its core, this music is timeless”. The intricately pieced-together compilation demonstrates how bands would influence each other in the D.C. punk scene and form new groups and collaborations.

The soundtrack will officially come out December 10th, but you can pre-order now. The tracklist for the compilation can be seen below:

Salad Days Soundtrack

Side A

1. Jawbox – “Motorist”

2. Shudder to Think – “Chocolate”

3. Double-0 – “Death of a Friend”

4. Holy Rollers – “What You Said”

5. Mission Impossible – “Now I’m Alone”

6. Youth Brigade – “It’s About Time That We Had a Change”

7. Kingface – “Tired”

8. Gray Matter – “Swann Street” (Live at the Black Cat, 2013)

9. Swiz – “Godspeed”

Side B

1. Government Issue – ” Where You Live”

2. Marginal Man – “Under a Shadow”

3. United Mutation – “Sensations Fix”

4. Black Market Baby – “Downward Christian Soldiers”

5. Fire Party – “Drowning Intentions”

6. Soulside – “Name in Mind”

7. Iron Cross – “You’re a Rebel”

8. Void – “Who Are You”

9. HR – “Epilogue” 


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