Thom Yorke debuts ‘Unmade’ from album ‘Suspiria’ on opening night of his new tour

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25 Nov 2018, 19:59

Thom Yorke kicked off his solo tour last week at Philadelphia’s Franklin Music Hall.

The Radiohead frontman performed a live debut of 'Unmade', from new album 'Suspiria', which he released this October. 

'Unmade' was the only track from 'Suspiria' (Yorke's first film score) he performed, choosing an eclectic selection of tracks from solo albums such as 'Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes and The Eraser', alongside tunes including 'I Am a Very Rude Person' and 'Black Swan'.

Yorke also performed 'The Axe' - a U.S. debut. You can see a full set list of the gig below.  

- Interference

- A Brain in a Bottle

- Impossible Knots

- Black Swan

- I Am a Very Rude Person

- Pink Section

- Nose Grows Some

- Cymbal Rush

- The Clock

- Two Feet Off the Ground

- Amok (Atoms for Peace song)

- Not the News

- Truth Ray

- Traffic

- Twist


- The Axe

- Atoms for Peace

- Default (Atoms for Peace song)

Encore 2:

- Unmade (live debut; not on setlist)

He is currently on the road with longtime producer Nigel Godrich and visual artist Tarik Barri and will finish the tour in Las Vegas on December 22nd.