Highest grossing tours of 2018 revealed

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8 Dec 2018, 15:36

U2 had the highest grossing rock tour - no wonder Bono's grinning ear to ear.

The Irish band grossed approximately £155 million in 2018. The band’s ‘360‎°’ tour that took place from 2009-2011 retains the title of the highest-grossing tour of all time (approx £585 million).

Photo by U2

Earlier this year Pollstar reported that ticket prices had been soaring in recent times, noting a 14.1% increase in average charge since 2017.

“The precipitous rise speaks to the industry’s aggressive pricing strategy to better meet demand and exclude the secondary market,” they said.

Photo by Planet Rock 

That “aggressive” approach appeared to have finally eclipsed the Stones’ notorious pricing policy – while Mick Jagger’s band took an average of £124.62 per ticket, two artists took more – the Eagles with £129.12 and Elton John with £125.01. U2 tickets cost an average of £112.60 but the other top artists charged significantly less, with the Foo Fighters at £89.45, Journey and Def Leppard at £76.81, Dead & Company at £64.68 and Trans-Siberian Orchestra at £46.13.

Here are the top 6 touring acts we love:

1. U2 - £158 million

2. The Rolling Stones - £80 million

3. Eagles - £66.7 million

4. Elton John - £43.9 million

5. Foo Fighters - £42.5 million

6. Billy Joel - £27.1 million

Not bad for a years work.


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