Franz Ferdinand want to keep it real, not perfect

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30 Jan 2019, 15:22

Franz Ferdinand made their name with the dancefloor banger that is ‘Take Me Out’ (you know the one, everyone yells along to the guitar line on a night out.) They’ve evolved their sound over the years, and it’s been announced that they’re playing at Benacassim festival alongside The 1975, George Ezra, Kings Of Leon and more. Frontman Alex Kapranos is envious of people who get to watch Franz Ferdinand live: “I’d love to know what it’s like in the audience and seeing us for the first time! Often it is the younger crowd members that wait behind and we always try to go out and say hello.

“There’s people at the gigs that are 16, 17 and you think ‘oh my god you were a toddler when our first album came out’ and it’s just amazing.”

Alex says the band don’t want to be blinded by modern technology when it comes to writing music. “It’s about making something new that we hadn’t done before and something that nobody else is doing. It’s to embrace technology but not let it dictate what you do.

“A natural performance has to be at the heart of it, because so often the good sides of contemporary technology pushes our ears to places that we haven’t been before. The bad side I think is the aural equivalent of photoshop where everything is so heavily perfected, every nuance and quirk and the charm is smoothed out and removed” he explains, pausing before continuing.

“Pictures of models on magazines stop looking human due to every blemish being edited, and the same happens to music when every beat is placed perfectly, every vocal is tuned to perfection. We want to keep the excitement of a live band performing but to apply the contemporary sonics and the best part of the technology.” Hopefully you’ll get to see their envy-inducing live show on the festival circuit this year.


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