Rock stars and their hobbies

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22 Feb 2019, 11:23

As well as gracing stages everywhere and writing music, some of the world's greatest musicians like to pass the time in... unconventional ways. In 2017, former Blink 182 frontman Tom DeLonge received the UFO Researcher Of The Year Award at the International UFO Congress. He'd previously spoken at length about his passion for all things extra-terrestrial.

Here are some of the other weird and wonderful hobbies that musicians indulge in to pass the time when not rocking out.Alex James

One of the iconic bassists of the 90s in Blur, he also turned his hand to making cheese. The most famous of which, Blue Monday was named after his favourite New Order song and has won numerous awards. Pass the crackers. Jon Bon Jovi

As well as being a hair-metal god, you'd probably associate him with whiskey but he's also created an award-winning rosé wine. Roger Daltry

The Who's Roger Daltry has owned a 400-acre trout farm for decades and has even featured in a documentary about fishing. Florence Welch

The singer songwriter is one of those annoying people who is seemingly good at everything. As well as writing killer songs she also writes poetry and paints, too.George Ezra

When he's on the road he's a fan of playing chess, as well as writing a diary and journal that is emailed out to fans. Ed Sheeran

It shouldn't be a surprise as he wrote a song called Lego House, but Ed is a big fan of the colourful bricks and recently donated sets worth hundreds of pounds to a primary school. What a good egg.