Lewis Capaldi on his debut album, Tinder bio and 'sweaty dancers'

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25 Feb 2019, 03:05

Lewis Capaldi doesn't appear to take himself too seriously, and it's great. During an interview at the BRITs last week (where the singer-songwriter had been nominated for the BRITs Critic's Choice Award), he spoke openly about his upcoming album, lifestyle and plans to tour later in the year.

Although the award was won by Sam Fender, Capaldi didn't seem fussed he missed out this time, saying "we're all skating through life just fine".

His debut album, ‘Divinely Uninspired To A Hellish Extent’, is due for release on 17 May. Capaldi said: 

“There’s definitely more full band stuff. Everything so far has been quite ballad-y. There are some ballads on it. Well, it’s basically all ballads. So if that’s not your thing then steer clear.

“There’s some stuff on there that people might be surprised to hear. Maybe not; people might just go, ‘Oh yeah, middle of the road pop music, love it’. It’s not the best album in the world, it’s not the worst, but it’s worth the money and you should buy it.”

In fact, Capaldi appears to have a very quick-witted, hilariously self-deprecating personality. He described himself as a "chubby guy, a bit weird looking, who sings songs, they’re all sad", and when asked if this was pulled from his Tinder bio, answered:

"Tinder is a barren experience for me, man. I’m not very successful at all.”

Moving onto his upcoming November 2019 tour, Capaldi suggested the shows might be a little more dramatic than you’d expect:

“We had topless male dancers in London last year, ... we had pyro and dancers, and it was class. If we could tour with dancers everywhere we went then it would be amazing. I would have male topless oiled up dancers doing sexy full-on routines, but just to my ballads. Male sweaty dancers grinding up on each other, and it would be brilliant.”


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