The savvy Smarties hack which helped a woman save £166 using an empty pack

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5 Jan 2021, 13:30

According to one woman, Smarties reallyhave the answer. A Portsmouth parent shared a top tip on social media how to save over £150 with a little help from an empty Smarties tube. Aimee Dobson shared her findings on her Facebook page and told followers how she was amazed how much money she had unknowingly saved. 

She shared the advice on Parents United, let’s do this together! Support, Ideas & Inspiration Hub and wrote: “Did you or your kids get Smarties tubes this Christmas? Use to save £2 coins. They fit perfectly and one full tube = £166.”

Parent Aimee, with children aged eleven and eight, set up the helpful group back in March to offer help and advice to parents and carers on how to save money, homeschool and keep kids amused during the first lockdown. 

Boasting over 5.2k members, thankful parents who have no doubt spent a fortune on kids’ toys (yes, we are raising hands over here), have commented on the novel idea and congratulated her on the coin-collecting discovery.


Credit: Facebook

One user commented: "I can't believe it fits 83 coins! I've just emptied one of the kids and handed it to my husband to fill up.”

Another added: "Just put mine in the recycling will delve in the bin to get it tomorrow, good tip!"

One parent remarked: “This is brilliant! I can’t wait to try it out! What a genius idea.”

Aimee wrote on her page: "Wow so many new members, I’m totally blown away! I started this group after the PM announced lockdown in March... as a hub for support, ideas and inspiration for all parents!

"I hope that it continues to be just that for parents across the country especially as it seems many schools are staying closed or delayed re-openings."

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