US waitress admits she's ‘shaking’ after getting a £1,500 tip off a customer

Virgin Radio

5 Jan 2021, 15:37

Another day, another dollar. Or in this case, an extra grand and a half for one lucky American server who was left blown away after finding a super-generous tip left by a stranger over the festive period.

The shocked 21-year-old known as Sarrah shared her news on Twitter after receiving the surprise Christmas cracker.

With the customer’s entire bill adding up to $693.36 (£508), the kind customer gifted a whopping $2,020 (£1,481) tip on top. 

Posting a picture of the receipt on social media, she wrote: “I’m literally shaking.”

Gaining over 270,000 likes, some people weren’t as delighted for her as she was. 

One person wrote: “If this is real, I commend you. But it looks like the server received an auto-grat of $115 and the customer left another $20 on top. The rest of the numbers seem forged.”

One said: “Nah, you got a 20 dollar tip and wrote the rest in. You wrote the 2’s different.”


Credit: Twitter

Another commented: “No signature means they’ll probably do a charge back in your restaurant or it was a stolen credit card to begin with. Sorry to rain in your parade but if I was your manager I wouldn’t accept this and I was a GM for 4 years.”

But another agreed: “It’s a trend rich people are doing. Tipping $2,020. So just work somewhere that gets tips and pray it’s you next.”

One questioned: “Where do I need work for this?”

Another wrote: “As you deserve, queen.”

US-based Sarrah replied to the negative comments: “Why are people so concerned with my blessing of a tip? Yes, it was real. Yes, the tip went though. Yes, I’m getting the money. Yes, I’m aware what taxes are.”

One person barked back: “It's a customer copy. No you aren't.”

Sarrah explained further: “I know it’s a ‘custom copy’ but it’s legit. I didn’t write this in and risk my job for a stupid tweet.

“It was someone who knew the owner who did it.”