Woman's 'weird' butter scraping knife action starts heated debate

Virgin Radio

5 Feb 2021, 14:04

One butter lover has sparked a big debate over her controverisal way of tackling a tub.

Facebook user Jules Ross posted a picture of her unusual technique using a carton of Clover and has captured the imagination of users.

Instead of scraping along the top to keep an even level, she hacks into the butter tub until she gets to the bottom.

Sharing on the Facebook group Family Lockdown Tips & Ideas, she questioned: "My husband thinks I’m weird, does anyone else scrape their butter from the tub this way?

"I’ve always done it."

With over 2.1k likes and comments, users have dished out their opinion in their droves. One added: "I can't even imagine how you would start that off."


Credit: Facebook

Another added: "Do you put water in the glass first then squash as well? Yes it's weird."

One user commented: "I already knew it’s weird, many times my flatmates over the years told me. I would hate it if someone joked and poked their knife in it. At least I can laugh about it."

One person added: "This makes me anxious." While another wrote: "That's well odd! That's in the same level odd scale as slicing your toilet roll instead of using the sheets!"

Others exclaimed: "Eww no! If someone dug out my butter like that I would go crazy," and: "This should be illegal."