James Blunt reunited with sentimental belongings after Ibiza burglary in lockdown

Virgin Radio

5 Feb 2021, 14:42

James Blunt has retrieved some of his prized possessions following a raid on his Balearic home.

The singer's property was one of various wealthy homes burgled on the island - but it appears he's managed to get some of his sentimental items back where they belong.

Thieves stole a variety of goods from his Ibiza home including an irreplaceable pocketwatch which used to belong to his grandfather, a bayonet from his time serving in the army and - weirdly - his shirts and T-shirts.

A reward was offered by the singer to help find the stolen items which were recently recovered by the Spanish police after arresting two men who are thought to have burgled a host of rich homes in the area last year during lockdown.

The star wrote online shortly after the robbery: “My only real sadness is that they took some cuff links and an old pocket watch that belonged to my grandfather, and a bayonet from my time as a soldier in the Kosovo war in 1999. I would gladly pay a reward for the return of them."

He added: “The thieves took around 100 items, including a black and white rug that my wife didn't like so I suspect that she might be involved.

“They also took all my shirts and t-shirts so they can't have a good sense of style because I am not known for mine.”

Police retrieved over €300,000 (£262,000) worth of goods which were pinched from various exclusive properties.

A Civil Guard spokesman said: “Before breaking into the houses, the gang watched them for several days. They always acted at night when there was no surveillance or local people and they always disabled alarm systems.”

Fortunately, James' sense of humour remains untouched.