These forgotten baby names could be coming back

Virgin Radio

5 Feb 2021, 16:48

Choosing the right name for a new baby can be difficult. There are so many names to choose from, with the traditional names vying for attention with the modern creations (and some downright weird monikers)

Trends come and go, and often we see an increase in popularity thanks to a pop star or a tv star. The popularity of the likes of Bridgerton could see an increase in the number of babies called Daphne, Anthony and Eloise. 

Some of the most popular ‘searched for’ baby names of last year included the likes of Luna, Maeve and Aurora for girls and Milo, Atticus and Asher for boys.

If you're looking for something less popular, Nameberry has revealed the top five ‘lost’ baby names that are looking like they'll be making a comeback. 

Pick one of these, and it’s unlikely anyone else at school will have the same name. At the top of the list of 'forgotten' names for girls is Bee. It hadn't been used in over 20 years until 2019.

It's picking up the pace though, as two years ago, eight baby girls were given the name for the first time since 1996.

In second place is the boy’s name Cobra. Five babies were called Cobra in 2018 after a 13-year gap where it dropped off the list.

In third place is Garrhett.

Pearlina is in fourth place – five girls were given the name three years ago. There was a huge gap before that, last recorded in 1970.

At number five is the boy’s name Saunders, which means ‘defending men.’ No child was named that for 17 years, but then five baby boys were given the name in 2018.

Would you choose any of these?