Fans of Unforgotten are certain they have solved the first crime

Virgin Radio

23 Feb 2021, 15:00

Spoiler alert: Fans are sure they have already worked out what happened in the first episode of the crime drama. Monday's episode saw the team find a dissected body of a football fan which was dumped in a scrap metal yard over 30 years ago.

The freezer is thought to have belonged to Robert Fogert who was caught drink driving the same night the victim vanished - while he also had four passengers in his car that same night. 

A retired officer previously on the case told Cassie and Sunny that Fogerty was a newly qualified cop and was in the car with four other new police officers and was devastated when caught DUI as it would have ruined his career.

Viewers think they've worked out who the other passengers are after being introduced to new characters in the latest episode; therapist Fiona Grayson, career woman Elizabeth Baildon, businessman Dean Barton and father-to-be Ram Sidhu.

And while Cassie wants an early retirement - just short of three months away from the required 30 years - did she actually know any of these people involved decades ago?

Fans took to social media to share their plot predictions. One viewer wrote: "29yrs 9months keeps being repeated... could Cassie know them? People in the car were soon to be new officers 30 years ago then obviously changed careers after the crime??? Were they all involved in this murder? Where's the head?? Ahhhh so many questions."

Another added: "I think Cassie was in same intake as those in the car...and passed out with them...."

A third commented: "Wait... they were in the car 30 years ago and Cassie has been in the force for 29 years and 9 months DOES SHE KNOW THEM?"

Nicola Walker (who plays Cassie) said on The Graham Norton Radio Show over the weekend: "Cassie was having a bit of a difficult time. Alex Jennings, his murderer last year was a psychopath, and I think that broke Cassie. She's been on leave and I think a leave that she wants to be permanent and she's done, she's finished.

"She doesn't want to go back but she has to because if she doesn't complete, and it's a matter of three and a half months, she doesn't complete her 30 years service she will not get her full pension and her father is getting worse rapidly.

"She knows she's going to need money so this first episode sees Cassie going back but she's going back and she's livid."

Unforgotten continues on Monday at 9pm on ITV.