Rob Rinder addresses rumours he’s replacing Piers Morgan on Good Morning Britain

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22 Mar 2021, 17:12

Could Rob Rinder be jumping into Piers Morgan's still-warm seat on GMB? The TV star has spoken about the rumours - and hasn't completely ruled himself out of the game. 

While Ben Shephard is currently filling in for Piers who walked out live on air - and is said to be ITV's 'safe bet' - ratings have plummeted and the role of a new host still needs to be sorted.

Rob appeared on Lorraine Kelly earlier and said: "It would be a very interesting thing indeed.

"I’m not sure I could endure the wave of Twitter hate."

Rob told The Sun exclusively that he'd be tougher on politicians than Piers Morgan on Good Morning Britain if he got the job.

"I think that Piers has been on that show for a few years, I think the politicians and people that whinge about the world that come on that programme to be cross-examined will consider Piers Morgan to be a birthday present.

"If I was on it, that's all I'm saying, no other comment."

An insider said about his friendship with Susanna Reid: “The dynamic between the two presenters would be instant because they have been good friends for years — even going on holiday together.

“Though he is often associated with light-entertainment shows, Rob is a no-nonsense lawyer who has the intellectual gravity to tackle any subject.

“And viewers know he will bring a flamboyant element to GMB as well as a sense of fun.”

Piers quit the show after refusing to apologise for his remarks regarding Meghan Markle, while 41,000 Ofcom complaints were received over his comments and row with GMB's Alex Beresford.

A source told the Mail on Sunday: "ITV and GMB bosses were totally unprepared for Piers going.

"Ben, who is adored by the staff and much of the audience, stepped in and the thought is now that he will work long term.

"He certainly isn’t like-for-like for Piers, but then who is?"