Americans have just found out about jacket potatoes and they're not happy

Virgin Radio

24 Mar 2021, 14:02

How can you hate the humble baked spud? It turns out our beloved jacket potato has caused upset with our friends across the pond.

Baked beans, butter, curry, chilli, tuna mayo, the options are endless for what you put on your potato.

Whichever topping you choose, it seems folks in the US are horrified.

Chrissy Tiegen started it, when she posted a tweet saying she had just discovered them.

Her fans and followers soon joined in, with some people calling us 'psychopaths' for enjoying them.

Some brits stepped up to the rescue, with one saying: "Calm down everyone, it’s just like loaded potato skins! (But waaaayyy tastier)!"

Others pointed out that the examples above need "lots more cheese".

The haters weren't happy though. 

"I'd rather choke!" said one.

"I'd like to hear less," said another, as someone else chimed in: "Everyone's saying they're delicious but I'm convinced they're lying. Not falling for it."

It's not just Americans hating it either: "Chrissy, I adore you but that's just disgusting. Love, absolutely everyone in Australia," 

It turns out some people were offended because they thought baked beans and tuna mayo went on the same potato, but still, seems a bit harsh!

Who's hungry now?