Why is Line of Duty's PC Sohota actor Taj Atwal missing from series six?

Virgin Radio

24 Mar 2021, 16:03

You'll have noticed that there's a PC missing from the BBC crime thriller cast this series in the form of actress Taj Atwal who plays AC-12's newest recruit PC Tatleen Sohota. She explained why she's not been back on screen and what she's doing instead.

As a crucial component in getting to the bottom of the truth about John Corbett's ties her character has been sorely missed and left fans confused. 

However, she told BBC Radio 5 Live earlier this week that she couldn't make her work schedule fit round two excellent acting jobs.

On being offered a bigger role elsewhere, she said: "I couldn't make the dates work alongside The Syndicate. I had to choose and it was not an easy decision."

But she made the hard decision to jump ship as she had a chance to "play a completely different character".

On working withThe Syndicate creator Kay Mellor (The Chase and Fat Friends) she said: "It was not easy but, Kay is very hard to turn down because she is just so lovely.

"I've worked with her so much previously and Roxy was a just completely different character for me to play and just challenge myself, really."