WandaVision's Evan Peters set to play serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer on Netflix

Virgin Radio

24 Mar 2021, 16:25

WandaVision starEvan Peters is due to get his teeth into a dark new Netflix role as the infamous serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer in a upcoming 10-episode series called Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story.

According toDeadline, he will play alongside Oscar nominee Richard Jenkins (The Shape of Water) as Dahmer's father Lionel, while Penelope Ann Miller (The Artist) will star as Dahmer's mother Joyce.

The offering from American Horror Story creator Ryan Murphy is said to be told throught the eyes of Dahmer's victims and go in on police incompetency which enabled him to carry on his wicked killing ways for multiple years.  

Monster’s approach is 'psychological and focuses on how the murders were allowed to happen over more than a decade' and at least ten scenarios where Dahmer was almost apprehended but then let go.

The series is set to highlight white privilege as Dahmer known as the Milwaukee Cannibal or the Milwaukee Monster was repeatedly allowed to walk free by the police and lenient judges after being charged with petty crimes.

Dahmer went on a harrowing murder spree from 1978-1991 and dismembered 17 men and boys which involved necrophilia, cannibalism and the preservation of body parts.

The monstererous villain was convicted of 16 murders and beaten to death by an inmate in 1994 after serving two years in prison.