Has the identity of Line of Duty’s ‘H’ been revealed?

Virgin Radio

6 Apr 2021, 12:36

It’s the conundrum that Line of Duty viewers have been wrestling with for a long time. Who is the mysterious 'H'?  

Some viewers reckon that the question may have been answered in the latest episode, with a theory spreading on Twitter that the corrupt figure is actually PCC Rohan Sindwhani.

Why Sindwhani? Well, fans of the hit BBC show will have noticed that in Sunday’s episode (S6, E3) he was clearly annoyed with Ted Hastings’ continued pursuit of 'H'. During one of their typically tense exchanges, he also berates Hastings over AC-12's arrests of DCI Jo Davidson and Farida Jatria, and he complains that, "I've had to call in favours from half a dozen editors to keep this out of the press." 

After reiterating a previous and, at best, misjudged claim that institutional corruption between the OCG and the police force doesn't exist, Sindwhani says to Hastings, "You're making this quite difficult for me," before flouncing out of the room in a mood. 

Earlier in the same episode, AC-12 uncovered Sindwhani’s fractious interview with murdered journalist Gail Vella. Sindwhani stormed out of that as well. His actions have caused viewers to recall that his Senior Legal Counsel in the previous series was Gill Biggeloe, who it turned out was involved with an Organised Crime Syndicate. Very suspicious!

Why is PCC Rohan Sindwhani so annoyed with AC-12’s pursuit of corrupt coppers? Why did he so abruptly end his interview with hard-hitting journalist Gail Vella, while seemingly being so chummy with other members of the press? Is he linked to an Organised Crime Syndicate via Gill Biggeloe? All of these questions are leading Line of Duty fans to realise that there is more to Sindwhani than meets the eye. But is he 'H'? Only time will tell.