Captain Sir Tom Moore fuelled his walks with Hobnobs and Coca-Cola

Virgin Radio

6 Apr 2021, 16:15

We all know what a superhero Captain Sir Tom Moore was, but what we didn’t know until now is exactly how he fuelled his incredible fundraising walks. It turns out that he filled up on cola and biscuits!

By walking 100 laps of his Bedfordshire garden to mark his 100th birthday, Captain Sir Tom raised over £32million for NHS Charities Together at the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. Now, in an interview with The Telegraph, his daughter, Hannah Ingram-Moore, has explained how he boosted his energy levels. "Dad fuelled his walking with Hobnobs and Coke – and was also partial to Dairy Milk and KP Nuts."

Very sadly, Captain Sir Tom passed away in February, and Hannah has said that her family misses him and that she can’t bring herself to clear away his favourite snacks. "The things I bought him are still in the cupboards," she explains. "There are six packets of Hobnobs and bottles of Coke, because they were his thing. He liked condensed milk too, so there are six waiting for him, and his favourite tomato soup."

Sir Captain Tom’s family have revealed that, before he passed away, he was looking forward to another fundraiser for his 101st birthday. Now they are asking the public to get involved with the 'Captain Tom 100' fundraising event, and to complete an activity 100 times - baking 100 cakes, for example - to raise more money for the Captain Tom Foundation or for their own chosen charity.

Hannah has explained that her dad helped create the idea and that he had been excited at what people might come up with to raise funds. 

The initiative takes place from Friday April 30th to Bank Holiday Monday May 3rd, so get involved!