The Sons of Sam viewers terrified after watching new Netflix true crime series

Virgin Radio

7 May 2021, 08:38

Need some insomnia in your life? Then get creeped out watching The Sons of Sam: A Descent Into Darkness. The Netflix nail-biter explores the murders of serial killer and arsonist David Berkowitz during 1977 in the chilling four-part series.

Murdering six people over a year, he claimed he was told to do so by demons and self-labelled himself the 'Son of Sam'.

Why that specific name? He believed a demon lived inside the black Labrador of his neighbour Sam Carr then write to local newspapers and sign it off from the 'Son of Sam.'

He was later known by the media as the '44 Caliber Killer' because he used this type of revolver gun to kill his victims.

The trailer states: “A killer on the loose in New York for a year and three days. Here is David Berkowitz, the man police believe to be The Son of Sam.”

Viewers have gone into overdrive watching the haunting show - and can't sleep or do much else for thinking about it. 

One fan wrote on Twitter: "Well I ended up watching all of #SonsOfSam in one go. Compulsively propellant and creepy."

Another viewer penned: "A Netflix series on Son of Sam when I have two days to complete my final assignment!!! Surely I’ll get an extension on the assignment."


One fan wrote: "Me: gonna start prioritising sleep #selfcare also me: inhales all of #SonsofSam in one go."

Another added: "Watching #SonsofSam hoping I'll be able to sleep."

A scared viewer wrote: "Watching the new Son of Sam docu series on Netflix and I just know it's gonna haunt me for the next few days."

Another commented: "Told myself I was gonna to to bed early tonight and Netflix releases a Son of Sam documentary."