People are getting 'DI Kate Fleming' haircuts inspired by Line Of Duty

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7 May 2021, 14:46

Line Of Duty was massively popular for edge-of-your-seat drama, but who knew it would be giving us fashion inspiration, too?

The finale of the sixth series divided opinion, but it seems plenty of us are loving the hairstyle of one person in particular.

Move over, Rachel from Friends, now it's all about the DI Kate Fleming cut. 

It seems everyone is green with envy over Vicky McClure's stylish hairdo. 

"I wish I had Vicky McClure's hair," one woman tweeted.

"Vicky McClure, who cuts your hair? I need it!" demanded another.

"As a short-haired person who hasn't had her hair cut in MONTHS, the envy I feel of seeing Vicky McClure's hair in Line Of Duty is TOO MUCH!" raged another. 

The Daily Record 

says people have been rushing to their nearest hairdresser to request the style. 

Hairdresser Taylor Ferguson said: "Vicky McClure's hair is very current and that's what people do now. They connect a haircut to a person they know who is current and will show us a photograph of them on their phone."

"Customers don't tend to come in anymore with a specialist hair magazine and say 'I want this bob. It's definitely more about the person and someone they can find on the Internet.

"We've had some people asking for hair just like  Kate Fleming and it is quite catwalky looking, and like something you'd see in a style magazine."

It's not just her hair we're after either, but her suits have inspired our wardrobes, too.

Retailers are reporting an increase in people shopping for blazers.

PrettyLittleThing said searches for "blazers" have risen an incredible 144 per cent since the latest series began.

Strange, nobody is searching for Steve Arnott's waistcoats...