BRIT Awards 2021: Line Of Duty stars appear in sketch with viral hit Jackie Weaver and Jack Whitehall

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12 May 2021, 10:48

It was a double whammy for Line of Duty fans last night as both Vicky McClure and Martin Compston starred in a hilarious sketch alongside viral Zoom sensation Jackie Weaver who gatecrashed the proceedings and gave 'little twerp' host Jack Whitehall a mouthful. While Jack was being interrogated by Vicky and Martin who would open the show, their 'new gaffer' was introduced and it was none other than Jackie Weaver.

Viewers were amazed as the Zoom star jumped onto Jack's video call with the DC-12 duo and then went on to give him a verbal kicking and boot him off. 

Vicky said to him: "Jack, I won't ask you again - who's opening the show?"

The host replied: "No comment."

Vicky continued: "Right, we can do this the easy way or the hard way."

Jack responded: "The hard way?"


Credit: ITV

Martin then appeared on screen in his natural Scottish accent and said: "Come on, just tell us - who's opening the show?"

Jack questioned: "Where's your waistcoat and why are you putting on that dodgy Scottish accent?"

Martin replied: "This is my real voice!"

As Martin told Jack they were 'rolling out the big guns', Jackie Weaver appeared and said to 'bring this Brit Awards to order' and called Jack a 'little twerp'.

She then went onto introduce Coldplay as 'Foreplay'. 

The Handforth Parish Council member found fame last year when a Zoom meeting ended in chaos and she kicked a member out of the chat.

Fans commented on Twitter: "Jackie Weaver, you have no authority to be this awesome."

And: "This is brilliant! Also, Vicky McClure your hair is absolutely Gorgeous!"

Another added: "Fantastic opening to the #BRITs with the #LineofDuty cast, Jackie Weaver and #Coldplay. Where was Adrian Dunbar though, this intro needed him doing a Mother of God reaction."

Another viewer applauded: "The LoD and Jackie Weaver crossover was everything I didn’t know I needed."


Credit: ITV

Jack said about the audience full of key workers last night:  "Yes, we have had to limit the number of people attending this evening.

"Everyone has had a negative test. What makes it more special is even the audience is not made up of the usual boozed-up wastrels.

"These gorgeous faces belong to none other than key workers. Such a pleasure to have you in the room tonight."