Get your mouth round toffee-flavoured Terry's Chocolate Orange

Virgin Radio

12 May 2021, 15:29

Could a Terry’s Chocolate Orange get any more moreish? Yes, if your tastebuds are toffee inclined. The new confectionary addition has been flagged up by snack pros @newfoodsuk on Instagram and you can get your gob round the chocolate ball of deliciousness peppered with pieces of toffee.

Did you know it's been around for nearly 90 years? So are they messing with toffee-flavoured fire? Fear not, die-hard fans. It's much the same but with extra pieces of toffee heaven.

The food blogger wrote on social media: "What's better than a Terry's Chocolate Orange? Terry's Chocolate Orange with Toffee Pieces in it!"

Currently being sold in Canada, you don't have to go thousands of miles to get your hands on your own as it's available on various websites including Mr P's Corner Shop for £5.50, GB Gifts for £4.99 and The Snack Chest for £7.50.

Fans commented on social media: "This sounds lush."

While another said: "More to add to the collection."

Another wrote: "Sweet Jesus!"

But some users were not impressed and commented: "I don’t think this is a good combo!" and: "Yuk."