What does Cheugy mean and why are Gen Z using it as an insult to millennials?

Virgin Radio

12 May 2021, 16:41

Like us, you've probably said it wrong already. It's not like Keith 'Cheggy' Chegwin. It's more Chewbacca-esque: chew-gee. Confused? So are we. The trendy term has gone viral for describing people, food, fashion, decor and life choices that are deemed uncool. And if you're a try-hard you could be classed as cheugy. Brutal, eh? But we're not going to loose any sleep over it - or stop eating lasagne. Yes, that's on 'the list' too. 

Coined in 2013, it's now become a thing on social media. TikToker Hallie Cain from Los Angeles told users that cheugy stuff includes things like graphics on T-shirts and hats, Herbal Essence shampoo and Instagram captions like 'thank u, next' and accessories like Gucci belts with a large double ‘G’ logo.

Also on the cheug-ometer are fedora hats, chevron stripes and anything 'shabby chic'. Excluded are things like vintage clothes, handmade products, Levi’s jeans and Birkenstocks.

Cain explained: "Okay, TikTok, I have a new word for you that my friends and I use that you clearly are all in need of.

"It's the opposite of trendy, stylish in middle school and high school — maybe, maybe not. The timelines don't really matter. It's no longer in style.

"It's used when someone follows these out-of-date trends or something falls into that category."

Instagram account Cheug Life explain: "A person who currently follows out of date trends usually stemming from things that were popular in middle school & high school."

One social media user tweeted: "If I could buy stock in a word... cheugy is going to go up in value to be one of the words of the year."

Another added: "Cheugy is getting married at 24 and having His & Hers bath towels in THAT font. You know what I mean."

But other users aren't bothered by the fuss. One wrote: "I will not learn what cheugy is. I will let it pass me by, like a river flowing past a stone. I am at peace."