Cheeky daughter conjures up a plan to stop parents always asking how school was

Virgin Radio

20 May 2021, 15:15

It's the relentless question kids hate to be asked and parents hate to hear - the dreaded 'how was school' silencer. Now, one smart child has come up with a way to keep her parents schtum - and it's nothing more than a simple paper chart. 

The cute planner includes spaces from Monday to Friday along with the subjects she has as well as 'asambly' - plus a box for coming home, lunch and breaktime. 

It reads: "What I do at school. It is a chat of what I do at school."

The mum wrote on Facebook: “So like most parents I ask my small person how her day at school was and what did she do? 

“Well... clearly she's fed up of me asking because I found this in her bag.

“She said she will complete it each day so I don't have to keep asking. 


Credit: Facebook

“Genius or sarcastic? Haha.”

People praised the idea and commented: "Genius, sarcastic and a little bit of sass too.”

Another added: “This is genius! What is it with them not wanting to talk about what they did?!”

A third parent wrote: “I get 'nothing' or 'can't remember' so definitely a genius idea.”